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TN Team Blog Twitter Contest

Announcing our newest contest! Between now and next Friday, July 29, tweet your best live event pic @TicketNetwork and you'll be entered to win a $100 gift card to

It can be a picture of you and friends at a concert for your favorite artists, a picture of the scoreboard at a baseball game, or anything else that's related to a live entertainment event. We'll pick our favorite and post it on our blog! So start tweeting!

To recap:
--Use TwitPic or a similar service to upload your favorite pic
--Tweet the link to the pic, mentioning @TicketNetwork
--Check back to see if you won!

Complete contest rules can be found here.


NKOTB fans review the band in one tweet


Last week, we challenged our followers on Twitter to review New Kids on the Block in 140 characters or less, and we got a lot of great responses! You can find all of them by searching mentions of @TicketNetwork on Twitter, but I picked a few of my favorites to feature below. How would YOU review them in just 140 characters?

  • @Allijo99: Singing. Abs. Dancing. Abs. Five hot men. Abs.[...] A Wahlberg, 2 Knights, Joe and Danny. Did I mention abs?
  • @jthompson73: NKOTBSB concert was Heaven. A non stop Thrill Ride filled w/Hotness, Great Dancing n Singing, Excitement n LOVE. They ROCKED!
  • @Hollywood732: the @NKOTBSB was AWESOME it was the “boy band” concert of my dreams I felt like a teenager again and loved it
  • @sassycarmichael: As we danced our <3 out @NKOTB my 3 BFF’s & I were reminded that after 22 years, we were still Hanging just as Tough. MAGICAL
  • @MeganDafford: NKOTB can’t be summarized in just 140 characters. It was amazing, and Please Don’t Go Girl made my life complete.
  • @psychobabble5: being a fan since 7th grade and now in my thirties they still are and always will be…PHENOMENAL!
  • @Kimmie0218: Scrumptious
  • @brward131: I went to the NorCal @NKOTBSB concert. It was the most amazing, epic concert ever! One of the best nights of my life!!
  • @emdem0429: best reunion ever. They made that teenage obsession SO worth it. I think we are all having so much more fun this time around.
  • @nkotb_chickadee: How about in 1 word: AMAZEBALLS!
  • @justwrite115: If I could freeze time, I’d have done it 6/3/11 at the @NKOTB concert! Then I’d be stuck in my fave time period-Block Ages!
  • @saxy15: To me @NKOTB is a reputable, loving, down to earth talented group of guys that mean so much to me and my fellow Blockheads.
  • @Glad2BreMe: After 20ish+ years, my best friend & I FINALLY got to see @NKOTB ! It was AMAZING!<3ed the 1st show so much,got tix to a 2nd!

Funny Flowchart: Do you have Bieber Fever?

Have you experienced any of the symptoms of Bieber Fever? It's an epidemic that has spread around the world over the last couple years and no one is immune.

Check out the flowchart below to help you find out if you are obsessed with Justin Bieber and have a case of Bieber Fever!

Do you have Bieber Fever

Things to do at the 2011 MLB All-Star Game in Phoenix

2011 MLB All-Star Game

One of the highlights for baseball fans every year is Major League Baseball's annual All-Star Game, and this year's game will take place at Chase Field in Phoenix, AZ on Tuesday, July 12. For those fans living in the area or planning a trip to see the game, this season's All-Star Game and its host city have a lot to offer fans of all ages, both inside and around the ballpark.

Around Chase Field

According to, the city of Phoenix averages 107° during the week in which the All-Star Game is scheduled. That means most fans, unless you like being slow-cooked, will be looking for a reprieve indoors with a cold drink and maybe something to eat. If you have never been to the capital city of Arizona, here are some places to check out during your trip:

Pizzeria Bianco

Address: 623 E. Adams St. (0.35 miles from Chase Field)

Web site:

One of the most celebrated pizza restaurants in the country, Pizzeria Bianco has received national acclaim from multiple sources including GQ, Bon Appetit and, probably the most importantly, OPRAH! Located less than a mile from Chase Field, baseball fans will flock here, so make sure you get there first because this may be a rare chance to taste the best pizzas in the country. Oh yeah, and they have bar next door.


Law & Order: Annoying sports fans

There all different types of sports fans out there, but for the millions of fans who go to games every year, there is nothing worse than an annoying fan. Here are just a few of the "fan crimes" that these annoying sports fans make:

FAN CRIME #1: Being too old to paint your face

ARGUMENTS AGAINST: When you see a young kid at a game with their face painted, it's cute. When you see a college student with their face painted in school colors, it's forgivable because of college students' tendency to make bad decisions. But if you cross into your 30's and 40's (or even worse, older than that), it is maybe something you should think twice about. Those people in your section laughing, are not laughing at your cleverly painted face, they are laughing at your wrinkled painted face.

ARGUMENTS FOR: As David Puddy of Seinfeld fame said when asked why should paint your face: "You know; you have to support the team."

VERDICT: Guilty. Sentenced to take a shower to take off that ridiculous face paint.


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