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By now everyone has heard the results from the fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao this past weekend. Some folks cheered for Floyd Mayweather, others rooted for Manny Pacquiao to win. One thing that everyone agreed on in the aftermath, however, is that this epic matchup was a little anticlimactic. So what about the fight was interesting? Well there were definitely some characters sprinkled around that kept us entertained, and some silly outfits to boot. Here are our five favorite fashion statements from that fateful night.

1. Man With Button Hat and Sparkly Shirt

Who is this man on Mayweather’s team? He’s often seen wearing a newsboy cap adorned with pins and buttons. The hat he wore for the big fight Saturday night was no different, tens and tens of pins all over it! But if you missed this hat it’s because you were blinded by the reflective disco vest, which must have been inspired by Saturday Night Fever. Perhaps flashy vests and fancy hats are good luck charms for Team Mayweather.

Image Source: Isaac Brekken /AP Photo


7 Reasons 2013 is the Year of the 1990s


I've written about the '90s a lot these past few months, but I feel like that's only because so much of the 1990s is back. Is it because those of us who were kids then are suddenly adults with money that's burning a collective hole in our pockets? That's probably part of it. Part of it is also probably that the feeling of nostalgia is just so good.

Please feel free to listen to your old No Doubt CDs on your Discman, tie your hair back in a scrunchie, and remember what life was like with dial-up internet as you read why 2013 is like, totally the year of the 1990s.


Bring Back the Pack: Who says fanny packs can't be stylish?

This week we have talked a lot about fanny packs, most of the time using ridiculous pictures along the way. But today, we thought it would be good to give our readers some real fanny pack fashion tips! Check out the post below from fashion blogger Hannah for a few style tips.

Hello there! I am Hannah, the outfit curator at Tattoos and Pearls. Tattoos and Pearls is my personal style blog where I post my daily outfits in order to define and shape my personal style, share links to other fashion bloggers and help others plan outfits for special occasions.

I could not have been more excited when I was contacted to guest post in honor of International Fanny Pack Day. Coming from a home where my mother wore her purple fanny pack daily, I am well aware of the versatility of them. I have put together three outfits for ladies looking to sport this hip-hugging gear:

The Tailgating Fanny Pack Outfit

This outfit encompasses how all of us ladies want to look while tailgating for our favorite college football team: sporty yet put together. I think representing the school colors in a stripe is the perfect way to be in the team spirit without going overboard, so add a hat to honor your team. Your fanny pack will be crucial in holding an extra ping pong ball, bottle opener, spare ketchup packets and your game ticket!