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Happy Father's Day

We hope everyone has a great holiday! See you tomorrow.

Three cute dad-related videos in honor of Father's Day

In honor of Father's Day, which is tomorrow, in case you forget (and I really hope you didn't!), here are three really cute dad-related internet videos. Enjoy!

Dad/Jess Time

I briefly mentioned this video last month, but it's so cute I think it warrants mentioning again. The Google Chrome video tells the story of a father/daughter who recently lost their wife/mother... and the evolution of their father-daughter relationship because of it.


Father's Day 2013: Last minute gifts for Dad

Father's Day is already this weekend, so if you haven't purchased something for your dad yet... oops? But there's time! Since no two dads are the same, there is no "right" or "wrong" gift, but here are a few ideas that may help you figure out what to get:

The Basics

Something useful - Some dads are very much into "practical" items, which is where I think gifts like tools come into the mix. If your dad really is a handyman and there's a set of tools he doesn't have, then go for it. Other practical, but still pretty cool, items include: a GPS, a new phone cover, an e-reader, a watch.

Something traditional - Ties, grilling utensils, and pretty much anything sports-related are the ultimate traditional Father's Day gifts. Tradition is nice, but a twist on tradition is even more awesome. How about a tie he'll actually wear, an entire grilling gift basket, or a gift card for a day at a local golf course?

Something sentimental - Is there a book you and Dad used to read together when you were kids? Maybe he taught you how to fish? Getting something small, but meaningful, can absolutely go over well. Dads have feelings, too, y'all!


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Father's Day Gift Guide

My dad doesn't wear ties. His garage is already overflowing with tools. He's not big into golf, or basketball, and he has enough New England Patriots paraphernalia that he never asked for to decorate an entire house. (Hey, it's the one thing everyone knows he likes, so he gets it all the time.) Figuring out what to get him each Father's Day is, to put it lightly, a bit challenging.

If your dad is anything like mine, you probably feel like there's no way to get a decent gift — not even if you start thinking about it for months in advance (and I have!). And now it's just one week before Father's Day and if you don't already have something picked out, it's panic time. Lucky for you, has put up a Father's Day Gift Guide so you can stop struggling to come up with something to buy dad.

The guide lists a bunch of events in sports, concerts, theater, and comedy, including The Eagles, MLB, Catch Me If You Can, and Daniel Tosh. I could tell you more, but then you'd have no reason to check it out for yourself! (Don't worry about tickets not arriving in time — we offer some pretty fun gift notes that you can stick in the card to Dad. He'll freak out and think you didn't get him a gift and then SURPRISE! HE'S ACTUALLY GOING TO SEE JIMMY BUFFETT. Or something like that. I don't know, you figure out the logistics, we just have the tickets.)

Any ideas what you're getting Dad this year?

Father's Day Reflections: Allison's Story

All this week, the TN Team Blog is celebrating Father's Day by sharing our staff's stories of events they attended with their dads. Want to make your own memories? Check out our Father's Day Gift Ideas Guide for a hand-picked selection of events that Dad is sure to enjoy!

My Memory

When I was a child, the weekend routine at our house involved my dad switching on the record player and spinning his favorite albums — Fleetwood Mac, Jethro Tull, Laurie Anderson, Pink Floyd, The Beatles — often with the volume at full-blast (especially if my mom wasn't home).

So, I guess it's no surprise that I grew up to have a lot of the same musical tastes. Even now that I'm "all grown up" and living on my own, my dad is my go-to concert date. We've seen a lot of amazing shows together, from the indie (Joanna Newsom) to the iconic (Paul McCartney).

One of my favorite father-daughter dates was to see Leonard Cohen during his acclaimed 2008-2010 world tour. From our orchestra seats, my father and I watched in awe as this preeminent songwriter and poet performed for three solid hours, receiving standing ovation after standing ovation. It's definitely a night I'll always remember. And who knows — now that Leonard Cohen's on tour again, maybe it's time for another father-daughter concert outing...?

My Father Recommends:

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