Happy Father's Day from TicketNetwork.com!

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Dads are cool. So Happy Father's Day, from all of us.

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The countdown to Father's Day is on! How will you be showing dad you care? This Father's Day, why not get creative with your gift? Tools, ties, barbecue sets, and sports memorabilia are nice... but it's also nice to give dad (or the father-figure in your life) a chance to spend an evening out — either with you, with friends, with his wife, or with whoever he wants!

Not to brag or anything, but our Father's Day Gift Guide is a great place to get started with some ideas. To help you decide among the thousands of live shows, we've hand-selected events we think any father would love, in sports, concerts, and theater. Is dad a baseball fan? Maybe some MLB tickets would do the trick! If he loves rock music, maybe he'd have fun at an Aerosmith show. The possibilities are (almost) endless.

Once you've picked your tickets for dad, be sure to visit our Gift Notes page and take advantage of our free gift notes! This way, if the tickets don't arrive in time for Father's Day, you can still have something special to let dad know you were thinking of him.

There's only one week until Father's Day, so get shopping!


Happy Father's Day from TicketNetwork.com!

Happy Father's Day


We hope everyone has a great holiday! See you tomorrow.

Three cute dad-related videos in honor of Father's Day

In honor of Father's Day, which is tomorrow, in case you forget (and I really hope you didn't!), here are three really cute dad-related internet videos. Enjoy!

Dad/Jess Time

I briefly mentioned this video last month, but it's so cute I think it warrants mentioning again. The Google Chrome video tells the story of a father/daughter who recently lost their wife/mother... and the evolution of their father-daughter relationship because of it.


Father's Day 2013: Last minute gifts for Dad

Father's Day is already this weekend, so if you haven't purchased something for your dad yet... oops? But there's time! Since no two dads are the same, there is no "right" or "wrong" gift, but here are a few ideas that may help you figure out what to get:

The Basics

Something useful - Some dads are very much into "practical" items, which is where I think gifts like tools come into the mix. If your dad really is a handyman and there's a set of tools he doesn't have, then go for it. Other practical, but still pretty cool, items include: a GPS, a new phone cover, an e-reader, a watch.

Something traditional - Ties, grilling utensils, and pretty much anything sports-related are the ultimate traditional Father's Day gifts. Tradition is nice, but a twist on tradition is even more awesome. How about a tie he'll actually wear, an entire grilling gift basket, or a gift card for a day at a local golf course?

Something sentimental - Is there a book you and Dad used to read together when you were kids? Maybe he taught you how to fish? Getting something small, but meaningful, can absolutely go over well. Dads have feelings, too, y'all!




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