The TN Team Blog’s top posts of 2011

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Best of 2011

As 2011 winds down, I thought it would be fun to look back upon our first year of blogging here at TN and see which posts readers liked the most. So, based on various social media and Google analytics data, here are the best posts of 2011:

Most comments: Win Free Concert Tickets!
What concert do you NEED to see?

This one doesn’t surprise me, since people love free stuff and all you had to do was comment on the post with the concert you just HAD to see and you’d be entered to win! Still, it’s good to know people like our contests…makes us want to do more in 2012!

Most Stumbleupon views: Daniel Radcliffe: J. Pierrepont Finch vs. Harry Potter

I did not expect this one to take off like it did, but my comparison between the two major characters that have been portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe got almost 9,000 views on Stumbleupon! We never did figure out the ultimate winner of this showdown…

Bieber Fever Flowchart

Most Facebook likes: Funny Flowchart: Do you have Bieber Fever?

This is one of my personal favorites, and apparently it was also a favorite for the Facebookers among you. Not sure if you have the Fever or not? Take our handy dandy quiz! What’s better than a flowchart? (click the image to enlarge the flowchart)

Most page views: 17 funny yet possibly effective pickup lines

This one came from one of our questions during the blog kickoff contest way back in May. One of our readers suggested the post, and we made it happen. I really enjoyed these random Friday-ish posts.


Before They Were Famous: YouTube All-Stars

This one appeared in second place for a few of our metrics, so I wanted to make sure I mentioned it. Check it out for some crazy flashbacks from some of your favorite celebrities.

Halloween is approaching: vampires vs. werewolves

Who doesn’t love vampires and werewolves? Or at least debating which one could take the other one in a fight?

Happy Fourth of July! Best things about the July 4th holiday

This topical post from July 4 made it into the top 10 out of over 125 blog posts for the year. Not bad, Tim!

Which blog post was your favorite of 2011? What would you like to see in 2012?

TicketNetwork November live events preview

November Events Image

As you may have heard (perhaps from our very own blog yesterday), our building was among the hundreds of thousands without power last week due to Winter Storm Alfred, so we were unable to post our monthly live events preview. But have no fear! Here are the highlights, with plenty of time left in the month to enjoy them.

Before I get into that, just let me remind you to celebrate International Drum Month and Real Jewelry Month (as opposed to fake jewelry, I suppose).


Trans-Siberian Orchestra: This is one of my favorite new holiday traditions. TSO takes classic holiday songs and turns them into rocking laser light shows. One of the most exciting winter concerts you'll see.

View Tickets »

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds: These two musicians are teaming up for a pair of concerts, one in NYC on November 18 followed by a show in Wallingford, CT on Nov. 19.

View Tickets »

Kid Rock: The rocker is kicking off a month-long fall tour November 10, with shows all over the country through December 9.

View Tickets »


TicketNetwork SpellMasters compete in spelling bee

spelling bee image

On Friday, TicketNetwork fielded a team at the Achieve Hartford! Community Spelling Bee, where over 40 teams competed for glory and fame. The event was not your typical spelling bee. Instead of individuals spelling their own words, teams competed in rounds against five other teams at a time. The same word was given to the whole “swarm,” and whichever team outlasted the others was the champ for that round. Finally, the winners from each swarm were brought together in a final round to determine the ultimate champion.

Although we didn’t win (who knew there was an “i" in revirescent?), the event was a blast. Several local mascots were present to get the crowd cheering, and all of the teams were encouraged to pick a creative team name and dress up in awesome costumes. The TicketNetwork SpellMasters dressed up as wizards (get it? SPELL masters? Like, spelling and spellcasting…never mind) and came thisclose to winning the costume contest, falling to the Tough Cookies wearing Girl Scout cookie costumes.

Aside from competing, TicketNetwork also helped sponsor the event, which benefits Achieve Hartford!, an organization that supports education reform and community involvement in the Hartford Public School District.

In honor of the spelling bee, here are a few great videos from the National Spelling Bee.


Best excuses after being pulled over


If you recall, when we first launched the blog we asked readers what they wanted to see in the blog, and I have since revisited several of those ideas. Today's entry in the series: crazy excuses given to cops to get out of a ticket. I combed the internet for some good ones.

  • Offense: speeding. "I just got my brakes repaired, and I didn't want to wear them down!"
  • Offense: speeding. “I was trying to impress my girlfriend.”
  • Offense: speeding. "I really have to go to the bathroom.”
  • Offense: parking illegally. “I couldn't help it; I was hypnotized to park illegally.”
  • Offense: not stopping for the police. "I didn't see you back there because I've had a LOT to drink.”
  • Offense: speeding. “There was a bee flying around my head, and I was trying to outrun it.”
  • Offense: speeding. "I was going to be late for traffic school." Fail.
  • Offense: making an illegal turn. "Well, why don't you ever pull my husband over? He makes that turn every time we come to this mall. What are you, a chauvinist or something?"
  • Offense: speeding. "I was just driving with the flow of traffic, but the group I was with before got boring so I was trying to catch up to the next one."
  • Offense: speeding. "I'm sorry, officer, but I was in a real hurry to get into Mexico after robbing that bank."
  • Offense: speeding. "I'm an idiot."

What’s the best excuse you’ve ever used or heard someone else use to get out of a ticket? Did it work?


17 funny yet possibly effective pickup lines

Funny pickup lines image

Way back in the beginnings of this blog, we asked our readers to come up with posts that they would like to see on our blog, but there’s been so much going on that we haven’t gotten to use most of them. So for this week, I decided to dig back into the archives and use one of the suggestions: great pickup lines. Here are my favorites:

  • “Are you a speeding ticket? Because you’ve got fine written all over you.”
  • “Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only 10 I see.”
  • “Are you tired, baby? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day.”
  • “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?”
  • “Do you have a map? Because I keep getting lost in your eyes.”
  • “Did it hurt? You know, when you fell from heaven?”
  • “How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice.”
  • “I lost my number. Can I have yours?”