Jose Mourinho: the Many Faces of Chelsea FC

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You may not be a soccer enthusiast. You may be a casual observer. Perhaps, and this is best case scenario, you're a die-hard footy fanatic who has more than enough opinions on FIFA, the state of American Major League Soccer, and have serious.thoughts.about Cristiano Ronaldo. Regardless of which category you fall into, I need to highlight the international treasure that is José Mourinho, Chelsea FC Manager.

Love Chelsea or hate ‘em, and wether you can’t stand Mourinho or think he should be canonized, everyone has to agree, he is imminently gif-able. And with Chelsea participating in the International Champions Cup, we decided to celebrate the...

Top 10 José Mourinho Gifs

Mourinho <3 Fans

He loves the fans and joins in their joy, willingly marching over match security to do so


Top 2012 lists of 2012

It’s around this time when everyone starts discussing the year in review. Inevitably, these stories take the form of lists. Best Ten Celebrity Trends of 2012! Top Five News Stories! Most Retweeted Tweets of the Year! Top 25 Songs! Retailers! Gadgets! Businesses! Leaders! Types of Bananas!

I’m not about to be left out of the “Best of 2012” list-making genre. I have thoughts that can be compiled into an easily digestible list format, so why not?

I now present you with… Top 2012 Lists of 2012! Beat that, other list-makers.

31 Glorious Roasts of 2012

BuzzFeed is easily the best List Compiler out there. If they're not talking about the 30 cutest kids of the year, then they're showing off the 30 best dogs — both of which will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Want to feel inadequate as a human being? Check out their list of 23 times Neil Patrick Harris did something legendary in 2012. Need a pick-me-up after viewing that list? Here are the year's 15 biggest movie flops, certain to make you feel good that you weren't the poor dude who spent $20 million on a movie, only to gross $1 million in sales worldwide. But one of my favorites is probably their list of roasts, simply because food is awesome. It features everything from a bacon and spinach-stuffed rib-eye roast to a beef wellington wrapped in roasted vegetables and bread. I MEAN COME ON. Even Ron Swanson would be proud.