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Girl Scout Cookies

It’s here! It’s here! Girl Scout cookie season is here!

Sort of. It’s that time of the year where you put your Girl Scout cookie orders in and start salivating over the thought of them, wishing you had them in your possession now, but getting bummed out that you don’t. And then in early March a cookie god or goddess descends upon you and brings forth the delicious boxes of cookies that you’d forgotten you ordered, and it is beautiful. So I asked around, and here are our team's favorites (and not-so-favorites)!

The winners, from third to first place!

Do-si-dos: In third place, we have Do-si-dos, the crunchy peanut butter cookies with peanut butter filling. They are delicious, reminiscent of Nutter Butters (only round), and anyone who says they wouldn’t eat these if they were put in front of them is a liar, or possibly allergic to peanuts. Do-si-dos could totally be the all star, if the other choices weren’t so amazingly delicious.