Kids react to Harlem Shake videos

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Even if you're as over the Harlem Shake video craze as I am, this video is still pretty cute. Kids react to the Harlem Shake video/dance craze and express the hilarious stuff we're all thinking but don't say. And they do it in a much cuter way. My favorite reaction: "Stop it. Now! If you make one more video I will pull your brains out!" I hope my future child is as sassy as she is. (Also, the video includes the actual Harlem Shake!) Happy hump day!


Puppies do the Harlem Shake

On Friday, we talked about the Harlem Shake phenomenon and how it's all-but-ruined because "The Today Show" did its own version. I officially retract that statement because everything is better with puppies, and the Harlem Shake is no exception. Happy Monday!

Things took a strange turn this week in terms of what’s buzzworthy. The list includes a dog named Banana Joe, Valentine’s Day puns, and a weird dance craze. I blame all the sugar we’re consuming.

Banana Joe

A dog with possibly the best name ever was crowned Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York this week. Banana Joe is a tiny black Affenpinscher, who looks a little bit like a miniature Chewbacca. He beat out a Germain pointer, fox terrier, American foxhound, bichon frise, Portuguese water dog, and old English sheepdog to secure his win. I have a tiny dog myself, so I think he’s a cutie!