The 5 Worst Holiday and Christmas Songs of All Time

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I'm one of those people who kind of loves holiday music. Around this time of the year, I'm guilty of swapping my Pandora stations to play Christmas songs and I've even purchased entire holiday albums (hi, 2000 Christina Aguilera album "My Kind of Christmas").

I don't cringe when I hear holiday songs in the stores (even if it is before Thanksgiving) and I won't turn the radio off no matter how many times I've heard that particular song.

Except when it comes to five of them. I present to you my list of the five absolute worst holiday and Christmas songs of all time.

#5: "Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer"

So I don't actually hate this song. I even understand the appeal of it for kids. In fact, I actually thought this song was hilarious when I was little. But as an adult, it's certainly not my favorite holiday song. If I never heard it again, I'd be fine with that.


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It was really a unique day for millions of people yesterday, with Thanksgiving and Hanukkah coinciding for the first time 125 years. While 125 years does seem like a long time, the next time Thanksgiving will overlap with an entire day of Hanukkah won't be for another 70,000 years. As Jimmy Kimmel explains in the video to the left, many of us won't even be alive to see it.


Happy Thanksgiving from

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We hope everyone has a fantastic day celebrating with loved ones. See you tomorrow! Launches 2013 Holiday Events Guide

Holiday Events Guide

If there's one good thing about the winter season, it's the holidays. Once Halloween is over, we can all officially start thinking about the upcoming winter holidays. It's time to get festive.

For some, it may feel a little too early to get in the holiday spirit. But that's why we're here! First, there's the festive new look throughout our site. The snowflakes! The Santa scroll! The holly berries!

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15 Silly November Holidays to Celebrate

Trees in November

There seems to be a strange holiday for each day of the year. The month of November, for example, is Adopt A Senior Pet Month; Banana Pudding Lovers Month; International Drum (Percussion) Month; National Inspirational Role Models Month; National Family Literacy Month; National Novel Writing Month; National Peanut Butter Lovers Month; and Beard Month (AKA No Shave November AKA NoSHAVEmber).

Meanwhile, today alone is Cliche Day, Give Someone a Dollar Today Day, National Housewife Day, and National Sandwich Day. Why? Well, there isn't a real reason why, aside from the fact that humans like to celebrate. So if you're looking for some fun holidays to celebrate throughout November, check out these 15:

  1. November 4, 2013 is National Candy Day.

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