Athletes who have come back from career ending injuries

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The following is a guest article by Annabelle.


Last season the NFL made fans, players, and medical experts redefine what is meant by the words "career ending injury." The top two MVP finalists, Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson, were both returning from injuries many considered would significantly cripple or even end their respective careers. Manning had undergone multiple neck operations, while Peterson tore both his ACL and MCL, both injuries that once spelled doom for playmakers at their positions. But, not only did both Peterson and Manning return, but both were unquestionably the best players at their respective positions in 2012, with Peterson coming within ten yards of the all time rushing record and winning the prestigious league MVP. The examples of Manning and Peterson may seem insignificant, outliers in the vast scope of the NFL, but when we also consider the returns of Terrell Suggs, Ray Lewis and Jamal Charles, or the continued play of Robert Griffin III, we have to consider the question: What has caused this dramatic shift in the landscape of injuries in the NFL?