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Grateful Dead

Legendary singer-songwriter James Taylor will be hitting the road this summer in support of his most recent album release on June 16, Before This World. Before This World, which features contributions from artists Yo-Yo Ma and Sting, was Taylor's first batch of new songs in 13 years, as his 2002 album, October Road, had stood as his most recent album until now.

James Taylor’s tour will kick off on July 2 in Allentown, PA. Although the tour is roughly just a month long and stays mostly around the east coast, the Massachusetts native has some major dates in store, including Boston's Fenway Park on August 6 with Bonnie Raitt. Massachusetts fans should get excited; Taylor is set to sing his new track, "Angels of Fenway," which is a song about the Boston Red Sox's legendary comeback to win the American League Championship Series in 2004 against the New York Yankees.


What's in a Name? Celebrtiy Names: Revamped

What's in a Name?

Billy JoelWe know some of our favorite musicians, actors, politicos, and… Kardashians by their well-worn monikers. From super stars to the super-desperate, we have clear ideas about our celebrities based on their famous names. Often, those are actually famous nicknames, not just stage names. For instance, would you get as excited if William Joel was playing Madison Square Garden? (Gwyneth Paltrow seems to call him “William,” but, um, maybe he saves his given name for when he’s fitting in with the hoi-polloi in The Hamptons?) We threw together a list of our favorite famous folks who just don’t sound as compelling if we switch up the names by which we all know them so well.

  • William (Bradley) Pitt just doesn’t stand out like Brad Pitt. Even better? Billy Pitt. I feel like Billy Pitt would own a questionable auto parts shop in the Midwest.

National Best Friends Day: A Mixtape

Best Friends Mix Tape

In honor of National Best Friends Day, we've put together a mixtape for the best songs about best friends. In no particular order, here are our favorite odes to favorite pals:

Queen, "You're My Best Friend"

Because obviously.


Concert News Roundup: James Taylor, Styx & Foreigner

Concert news

James Taylor

On Monday, singer-songwriter James Taylor announced more tour dates to his 2014 U.S. tour. The additional 19 dates cover a wide area east of the Mississippi, as well as The Woodlands in Texas.

The new set of dates weren't appended to the previously announced tour dates, but are interspersed throughout them. The tour begins on May 30 and ends on August 5. After that, Taylor heads to Europe.

Visit the James Taylor page for more information about upcoming tour dates and ticket availability.

Styx, Foreigner, and Don Felder

In other news, rock bands Styx, Foreigner, and former Eagles lead guitarist Don Felder are joining up for the "Soundtrack of Summer" tour. Felder will open each date, while Styx and Foreigner will generally switch on and off as the closing act for each concert. The tour begins April 5 in Mount Pleasant, MI, and ends on July 27 in Santa Barbara, CA.

Get more information about upcoming tour dates and ticket availability for the "Soundtrack of Summer" tour.

What People Are Talking About

World Series

Of course everyone's talking about the World Series and whether the Red Sox or Cardinals will win. But after last night's game, people are also talking about James Taylor's flub during the National Anthem. Guitar in hands, he started out sounding fine, only he sang the words to "America the Beautiful" instead of the "National Anthem. He caught himself and quickly swapped over after the first few words. James Taylor's flub was particularly inoffensive, so I'm sure it will blow over pretty quickly. Poor dude.