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Week in Review

Kid Theater “Magic Mike Edition”


Channing Tatum stopped by Studio 6B for a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in support of the upcoming film, Magic Mike XXL. While there, he and Fallon partook in a “fun thing” where they performed a few scenes from the new film. However, instead of performing actual scenes from the movie they reenacted scripts written by elementary aged kids. The children’s only direction for writing their scripts? Write a scene based on what they think a movie titled “Magic Mike” would be about. The funny thing is a few of these scripts could definitely be misconstrued into something much less innocent than they really are.


What People Are Talking About

On the Run Tour

The world collectively lost its mind this week when the Jay Z and Beyonce tour rumors came true. The duo will head out on a summer stadium tour called On The Run. It's reminiscent of how Jay Z spent last summer co-headlining a short stadium tour with Justin Timberlake — only this time, IT'S BEYONCE. What songs will they sing? How many will they sing together? What will their separate sets include? I have so many questions, and I am convinced this will be one of the greatest tours ever. Are you as excited for the tour as I am? If so, be sure to get your tickets!


What People Are Talking About

This week, people are talking about the "Best Song Ever," a "Full House" semi-reunion, and Kristen Wiig as Michael Jordan.

1D's "Best Song Ever"

Earlier this week, Directioners were super excited when One Direction's new single, "Best Song Ever," leaked a few days early. The song was set to come on July 22, and the band was even releasing daily video teasers culminating in a countdown until the song's release. With only five days to go, the song leaked online July 17. To be fair, the band had been teasing the song since they released the trailer for their 3D movie, "This Is Us," back in June. I doubt this will hurt sales even a little bit.


This week, we're talking about how Spock meets Spock (part deux), John Krasinski is the next Katy Perry, and we buy boxes of tissues in order to prepare for "The Office" series finale.

Star Trek early release

"Star Trek Into Darkness" was originally supposed to be released Friday, May 17. But trekkies are getting so antsy that the movie release has been moved up one day. According to Paramount, the Wednesday evening IMAX showings are already sold out, so movie execs wanted to give fans a chance to see the film even if they weren’t able to nab tickets. Plus, with movies like "Iron Man 3" and "The Great Gatsby" opening early overseas, they figured: why not? Personally, I’m pretty excited to see the film. I still love that they found a way to write Leonard Nimoy (original Spock) into the first movie to appear alongside Zachary Quinto (new Spock), even if it was a little hokey. But others seem to dig it, too, as evidenced by the latest Audi commercial (above)!


Speaking of Jimmy Fallon, the former SNL star is great at making viral videos on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." Remember Timberweek (five straight nights of Justin Timberlake goodness)? Or the evolution of mom dancing with FLOTUS Michelle Obama?

Jimmy Fallon knows his market, and it's possible that part of his ability to create an awesome video is what landed him Jay Leno's gig. Whatever the case, as long as he doesn't stop making silly videos, I'm happy. Here, he, Blake Shelton (country singer/judge on "The Voice"), and Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson from "Parks and Recreation"/mascot for masculinity everywhere) take a crack at singing The Lumineers song "Ho Hey."

Congratulations! You totally just watched a two-minute video of grown men clucking to the tune of a Lumineers song. And you probably loved it.

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