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Justin Bieber Purpose Tour

Last Wednesday on The Ellen Show, Justin Bieber announced he would be going on a world tour in 2016 to support his recently released album, Purpose. Well, earlier this morning, fans who tuned into TODAY might have gotten a sneak peak of what to expect when they see the Biebs live in concert next year.

Biebonic Plague

There were early signs of the infectious nature of the beast, it would surge in pockets around the United States and Canada every so often since 2008. The "Bieber Fever" as it was known afflicted many, often the young and otherwise healthy, predominantly Caucasian female members of the middle- to upper-middle classes. And it was all-consuming. But by the time 2014 came, the Fever had cooled. Parents breathed a collective sigh of relief, and posters slowly peeled from bedroom walls. We thought the Fever was gone for good, eradicated by horrible public behavior, condescension toward fans, animal neglect, and a sneaking suspicion of sizzurp dependency. Indeed, some public health officials speculated that the scourge was over, eradicated under its own largesse.


Conspiracy Theory Thursday: I Want to Beliebe

(But I Don't)


I Want To Beliebe

Though largely overshadowed by such moments as Nicki Minaj’s callout of Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift being Taylor Swift, and Cyrus’s batsh*t, trippy performance with Wayne Coyne, Justin Bieber’s live medley of “Where Are Ü/What Do You Mean?” brought out the “wow” when he apparently broke down crying following his set. It was yet another noteworthy moment at the 2015 MTV VMAs. I have to admit, “Where Are Ü” is pretty catchy, but he lost me at “What Do You Mean?”

Mind you, the bridge in the song is a spoken word piece of sophomoric philosophizing, which I have transcribed below and made into an inspirational quote you’d see on Pinterest because it has all the emotional depth of a kumquat. (Actually, now that I really think about it, maybe that whole spoken word thing is perfectly in line with the name of the song.)


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Justin Bieber Retires? Or He Doesn't. What?

Among a heavy campaign promoting his new album and movie this week, Justin Bieber came out with the announcement of his retirement. Can it be? As I discussed yesterday, probably not, but with so much happening this week it's a good way to get into another news cycle. Never underestimate the effect of a bit of decent marketing. Meanwhile, the film, which documents Bieber's most recent Believe Tour, has opened to mixed reviews.


Justin Bieber Calls It Quits? Yeah Right

So it looks like Justin Bieber wasn't just kidding when he supposedly joked around in an interview last week about retiring. It's actually happened, according to a Tweet that Biebs sent out on Christmas Eve:

However, as I've stated on this blog before, there's not really such a thing as retirement from the music industry (right, Cher?). Whether they get bored or into financial difficulties, artists usually seem to come back in some way or another before long. So, too, will it be the case with Bieber.

In fact, later tweets seem to be in contradiction to the retirement announcement:

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