10 Reasons To Be Excited About The New York Knicks

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New York Knicks

It would be near impossible for the New York Knicks to have a season as disappointing as 2014-15, so we are here to tell you why this season is going to be different. With the NBA regular season already underway, the Knicks have already showed they'll be markedly improved by signs of their 20+-point win in the season opener against the Milwaukee Bucks.

While the Knicks home opener against the Atlanta Hawks was not as successful, the fans at Madison Square Garden will be back to bring the energy with a brand new season ahead. Knicks tickets on TicketNetwork.com are available for every game of the upcoming season for fans that haven't jumped ship or for the fans that are hardcore following the team for the first time.

This season will be better, and here's why:


New York Knicks continue to dominate NBA ticket sales

The New York Knicks have been mired in mediocrity (or just sheer awfulness) for more than a decade now, never finishing higher than 6th in the Eastern Conference. This season, however, the Knicks have been the surprise team of the NBA, running out to the best record in the conference and second best in the entire league, trailing only the Oklahoma City Thunder. And while Knicks tickets are always popular, when the team is good, that popularity grows to another level.

So far for the 2012-13 season, orders of New York Knicks tickets have accounted for nearly 30% of all NBA orders on TicketNetwork.com, nearly double that of the Boston Celtics, the next closest team. In fact, that is nearly the same percentage of orders as the 25 lowest-selling teams combined.

Percentage of NBA orders on TicketNetwork.com

Knicks games have also always been an attraction for tourists visiting New York City, and orders for tickets have come in from 28 different countries including Australia, Belgium and the Netherlands. Most international customers came from France, which has actually had more orders than U.S. so far this season.

While the Knicks popularity is evident, they are not the only team that are dominating sales on our site. The top 5 teams in terms of orders (Knicks, Celtics, Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers) account for more than two-thirds of all NBA sales.

The newest addition to the group of top selling teams is the Nets, who moved from New Jersey to Brooklyn this past off-season and immediately began to establish one of the most popular brands in the NBA. They now play at the brand-new Barclays Center, which has already hosted two hard-fought games between the Nets and their New York rivals. However, while the Nets may be able to catch the Knicks on the court, it will still be awhile before they catch them in ticket sales.

You know how everyone talks about how awful it is to be alone around the holidays?

Apparently that fear extends to celebrities, businesses, and even satirical political commentators, as they’ve all decided to join one union or another just in time to have someone (or thing?) to kiss under the mistletoe.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

The union of Taylor Swift and One Direction’s Harry Styles caused an explosion within the tween (and, let’s be honest, teen and adult) blogospheres as the couple was spotted – get this – holding hands. The newly-confirmed relationship provided answers to "who will be the subject of Taylor’s next song?" and "WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ONE DIRECTION RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT?" (caps lock necessary). It broke the hearts of many who wanted to date the superstars themselves, and even caused a few to balk at the age difference between Swift, who will be 23 next week, and Styles, who turned 18 in February. (Fun fact: Styles was born in 1994. Seriously.) Tonight, the two will team up for the Z100 Jingle Ball with Justin Bieber at Madison Square Garden – and there are miraculously still tickets left. All we can say to this is: OMG.


Who would have thought that over a 12-month span we would see not one but TWO cultural phenomenons in Tim Tebow and now Jeremy Lin? Unlike Tebow, though, Lin literally came out of nowhere. No hype. No huge fan following. And if it weren't for a few injuries and a team with nothing to lose, Lin probably still wouldn't have had his chance to play. Now, Lin has taken over the NBA and popular culture as a whole in just a few short weeks.

Since Linsanity began on February 4, sales for Knicks games at Madison Square Garden have exploded on TicketNetwork.com. A little over 41% of all Knicks tickets purchased this season have come since Lin made his debut.

Percentage of Knicks Tickets Sold on TicketNetwork.com Week vs. Week

There are multiple factors that have made Jeremy Lin such a fan favorite. First of all, nearly all sports fans, and even non-sports fans, love to root for the underdog. Lin was never given the chance to succeed in the NBA, having been cut by two teams in the last 12 months, and now he is a guy that is dominating players twice his size.