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It's possible you've heard of Nick Bertke, also known online as Pogo, who is a music producers, remix artist, and film maker.

Bertke has produced a few viral videos for major studios around the world by now, including "Alice," a remix of the Disney film, which now has more than 11 million views on YouTube.

Each video takes snippets, music, and sound bytes from various films to make some kind of completely new song. Then he syncs up a video — comprised of shots from a film — to accompany the music. The result is innovative and completely addicting.


I'm not sure if everyone knows this, but Mary Poppins was real. Maybe she didn't have the talking umbrella, or the bottomless bag, but she was modeled after an actual person, and "Saving Mr. Banks" is her story.

The new Disney film features Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and Emma Thompson as Lyndon Goff, the author who wrote the Mary Poppins book series (under the pseudonym P.L. Travers), which served as the basis for the 1964 Disney movie. If ever a "meta" movie existed, it would be this one, since it's a movie about the creation of a movie based on a book written by a woman's real-life experience.

As with most Disney things, it will likely be wonderful. Aside from Thompson and Hanks — who just finished his role on Broadway in Lucky Guy and now has time to do things like promote new movies — a few others will star, including: Jason Schwartzman; Paul Giamatti; Colin and B.J. Novak.

As someone who loves Tom Hanks, Disney, Emma Thompson, AND "Mary Poppins," I feel like this movie is an all-around win. Will you be seeing it?

Aladdin confirmed as Disney's next Broadway show

It’s official: Aladdin will be Disney’s next Broadway show. I mean, we kind of knew, but nothing had been said by Disney, so we were really just hoping for the best.

But it’s been confirmed by several sources, including Disney and CBS. In an interview, Thomas Schumacher, president of Disney Theatrical Productions, said it will be "a full-length, big song musical with big dance numbers." Tony Award-winner Casey Nicholas (The Book of Mormon, The Drowsy Chapterone) is slated to direct.

A pre-Broadway run will take place in Toronto in November 2013, before it (hopefully) moves to Broadway’s New Amsterdam Theatre, where Mary Poppins is showing now through March 3, with tickets still available.

Which Disney shows would you like to see on stage? How about some new films? I’d love to see "Monsters, Inc," "Mulan," and "The Princess and the Frog" (undoubtedly the most underrated Disney films, in my opinion). Then again, anything Disney touches is gold, so they could probably put a puppet onstage dancing for three hours and we’d all be moved to tears.

Mary Poppins on Broadway

Disney's long-running Broadway hit Mary Poppins may be say closing to make room for Aladdin, the Associated Press reports.

Mary Poppins, which opened back in 2006 and has since toured the country, will have its last show March 3, 2013, at the New Amsterdam Theater. Right now, tickets for the tour are available through June.

But Disney is said to replace the production with Aladdin, based on the 1992 animated film of the same name. The movie is set in fictional Agrabah and featuring the story of peasant-turned-prince Aladdin, The Genie, Abu, the flying carpet, Princess Jasmine, Rajah, the Sultan, Iago, and Jafar.

AP writes,

The show is part of Disney Theatrical Productions' five big Broadway hits from seven attempts since 1994 — a profitable list that includes "The Lion King" and the more recent "Newsies." That's way above the 3-in-10 average recoupment of most Broadway shows. "Mary Poppins" routinely grosses over $1 million every week despite the presence of touring versions.

When it closes, it will have been performed 2,619 times and have been seen by more than 4 million people. It recouped its initial Broadway investment within a year, and has gone on to be among the top 10 grossing shows for the past six years and top five for attendance. It will rank as the 22nd longest-running show in Broadway history.

I'm stoked to see how Disney will pull off the magic carpet ride, a talking parrot, and The Genie's ever-changing forms. I love this film, and I think it'll translate amazingly to the stage. How quickly will you snatch up Aladdin tickets? Because I'm thinking about camping out in line. What say you?

Major onsales this week: P!nk, NBA, Lady Gaga, Mary Poppins

The number of onsales this week is fairly light, with the exception of P!nk.


Average prices at for concert onsales*

P!nk $330
Lady Gaga $395
Mannheim Steamroller $170
  • P!nk has 11 more onsales Friday and Saturday, for cites including Boston, MA; Louisville, KY; and Orlando, FL.
  • Lady Gaga has onsales this Friday for Atlanta, GA; St. Louis, MO; Saint Paul, MN; Nashville, TN; and Phoenix, AZ.
  • Mannheim Steamroller has a couple onsales for its annual holiday tour: one on Friday for Birmingham, AL, and one on Monday for Daytona Beach, FL.