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American flag

People in the U.S. tend to take Fourth of July seriously. It's a time to celebrate our country, eat great food, and watch fireworks. It's also pretty much the one time of year you can wear a flag on your shirt and no one will make fun of you (maybe). Most people are pretty relaxed in their July 4th celebrations, usually with something low key. Those people are celebrating America.

And then there are those who want to celebrate 'Merica (or, phonetically spelled, 'Murrica). What is "'Merica"? According to Urban Dictionary, it is "[a] whole new way of saying America. As America falls into the category of a nation, 'Merica is the whole experience of America summed up in a stereotypical way. ... People often say it when they see Americans doing things only Americans can do, such as: trimming a hedge with a chainsaw, eating quadruple burgers, and driving tractors in the middle of a freeway. It is often expressed in a proud and commonly exaggerated manor."

Here are seven things that truly encompass the 'Merican way, because it's 'Merica's 237th birthday today!

    • Deep fried cheesecake
    • Deep fried Oreos (and other assorted cookies, including Girl Scout cookies)
    • Deep fried butter
    • Deep fried Kool-Aid
    • Deep fried pickles
    • Deep fried bubblegum
    • Deep fried beer
    • Deep fried peanut butter banana cheeseburgers
    • Deep fried sandwiches
    • Deep fried jelly beans
  2. Bacon: So, bacon isn't exclusive to 'Merica, but 'Mericans eat more than 1.7 billion pounds of bacon each year and 53% of all U.S. homes keep bacon in their fridge at all times. You can buy bacon-flavored anything (salt, chips, ice cream, toothpaste) or bacon-decorated anything else (wallets, holiday decorations, shirts). 'Mericans like to wrap things in bacon, sometimes lots of it, and feel that bacon goes with everything. There's chocolate covered bacon, candied bacon, chicken-fried bacon, bacon infused with Irish whiskey, and even Bacon of the Month clubs. 'Mericans just really love bacon.