MMA's 5 most feared fighters still in the game

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The following is a guest article by Aaron Walker.

MMA fight cage

What was once a sport consigned to feature only on the fringe of sports programming has now evolved into a phenomenon that's captivating millions. The Cinderella story of MMA Fighting is no different than the stories its characters share. We've seen the sport grow. Watched its characters evolve. We've roared with joy when they were triumphant over their competitors, and felt each blow as they were defeated. And in the past 10 years, we've witnessed some amazing moments and sensational fights.

And throughout it all, some characters have made the MMA story much more enjoyable. These fighters have earned their place in the history books but still continue to fight for their story. These are the top 5 deadliest fighters still in the game.

Anderson Silva

Since entering the MMA World over a decade ago, in 1997, no one can doubt Silva's position in this top 5. His impressive record of 33-4-0 says it all, having only ever lost 4 fights. Silva wasn't blessed with an amazing fighting education filled with college and daily classes. He had to learn by practicing with neighborhood kids that could afford to take Jiu-Jitsu classes. Regardless, this unconventional training didn't halt his growth. Even UFC President Dana White has called him the "greatest mixed martial artist ever." Silva holds the longest winning and title defense streak in UFC history, as well as having been Middleweight Champion for both Cage Rage and UFC. And when you're already the champion for 10 consecutive seasons, there aren't many new accomplishments to gain.


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What's next for George St. Pierre and Nick Diaz?

The following is a guest article by Trent.


Two weeks ago we saw the long awaited battle between George St. Pierre and Nick Diaz.  And now that the event is over, what is up next for these two fighters who are still very much in their prime?

George St. Pierre

George St. Pierre is, by most standards, is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world (sans Anderson Silva). After beating Nick Diaz so convincingly (albeit a little boringly), the logical next step is to take on the number 1 contender in the weight class, Johny Hendricks. Hendricks, the most explosive yet underrated fighter in the Welterweight division, has been waiting all too long for the title shot. By beating Carlos Condit in a unanimous decision, Hendricks has shown that he deserves the shot more than anyone. But aside from defending his title, most people will want to see a fight between George St. Pierre and Anderson "The Spider" Silva, before they both get too old. But getting the two to fight is going to be hard.