Happy Mother's Day from TicketNetwork.com!

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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

The 5 best movie moms

TV and Film moms

Yesterday we took at look at some of the best moms from TV shows. Today we so the same for movie moms. Here they are, again in no particular order.

Kate McCallister - Home Alone

Okay, so she left Kevin alone not once, but twice. Simple mistake, right? One anybody would make. Okay, maybe not, but she tries to make it up, even traveling with a van of complete strangers in the first movie. She makes it home for Christmas and we get that heartfelt reunion. Presumably she doesn't misplace Kevin during the rest of the year.

Lily Potter - Harry Potter

The one mom we only ever see a few times — though as a ghost-type figure or in flashbacks — might well be the best mom on this list, because she dies to protect her one-year-old child from being killed. That act of love saves her son and pretty much enables the entire plot of the Harry Potter series.


The 5 best moms from TV shows

TV and Film moms

We all think our moms is the greatest mom in the world, but what about in the land of fiction? There have been plenty of great examples of moms in both TV shows and movies. Today we examine five of the greatest TV moms. Here they are, in no particular order.

Lucy Ricardo - I Love Lucy

This may seem like a strange one, given all the antics Lucy and co. get up to in the course of the show. However, Lucy clearly loves Little Ricky, he's well-provided for, and he's not affected by what the adults do elsewhere. Besides, every kid needs to have a facepalm moment of when their parent does something silly. It just turns out Little Ricky has more than most kids.