Are Transformers superheroes? Let the debate begin!

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So yesterday we had quite a debate around the office about whether Transformers count as superheroes or not. It even came up in our team meeting, and the discussion got quite heated, with no clear winner. Transformers So we decided to take the debate to our blog and let you all weigh in. Tim and Mike both fought hard for their sides, so below you can see each of their arguments. Once you've decided which side of the line you fall on, take our poll and let us know whether YOU think Transformers should count as superheroes. And if you would like to expand upon your answer, tell us why you chose what you did in the comments. Let the debate begin!


2012 Grammy predictions: Adele, Kanye West, The Band Perry

It's that time again, where a major awards ceremony is happening in a few days and I give you my best, educated guesses on the winners. Or, like I did with the VMAs, fail miserably at doing so. This time the ceremony is the Grammy Awards, which airs this Sunday. The show ought to be pretty good, with performances from Adele, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Paul McCartney, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Kelly Clarkson, Foo Fighters, Jason Aldean, and Glen Campbell. Hmm. There will be time for award giving, right? Hopefully, or this prediction post will be useless.

But, I digress! Here are my choices:

Record of the Year

The Nominees: Adele: "Rolling in the Deep"; Bon Iver: "Holocene"; Bruno Mars: "Grenade"; Mumford & Sons: "The Cave"; Katy Perry: "Firework";

My Pick: Adele

My Rationale: When I predicted the VMA winners, I made the mistake of wanting Adele to win, rather than counting on the public vote to swing in Katy Perry's favor. However, when Adele actually won in the VMAs, it was for awards that the judges chose the winners. The Grammy winners are all chosen by the Academy, so I think Adele is in a much stronger position this time.


Can Kiefer Sutherland get over Jack Bauer?

Spoilers abound here, so if you want to see the first episode of Touch and haven't done so yet, check out another post instead!

On Wednesday I caught the pilot episode of Tim Kring's (of Heroes fame) new series, Touch. It stars Kiefer Sutherland as Martin Bohm, a man who lost his wife in the September 11, 2011, terrorist attacks. He has since struggled to connect with his son, Jacob, who doesn't speak and has some behavioral issues. Eventually Martin discovers that Jacob has repeatedly been referencing a series of numbers, one of which leads him to a former fireman who tried but failed to save his wife from the World Trade Center. He learns that his son has the ability to find connections between people by way of certain patterns that appear in nature (like the Fibonacci sequence).


In case you haven't heard, TeenNick is bringing back the '90s, showing reruns of classic Nickelodeon shows for a few hours each weeknight. Current shows include "All That," "Kenan & Kel," "Clarissa Explains It All" and "Doug," and still to come are "Rugrats," "The Amanda Show" and more.

In honor of the occasion, I decided to ask a few team members what their all-time favorite '90s Nick show was and why. Check out their answers below, and then tell me what YOUR favorite is in the comments. Did we miss any?

Erin, Affiliate Marketing Program Manager: "Are You Afraid of the Dark." Seriously scary show!! Especially if you watch it without any lights on! I think they should definitely bring that one back, but maybe as an afternoon show…it may be too scary for late night “Nick at Nite.”

Liz, Content and Marketing Specialist (me!): "Hey Arnold!" I loved this show, especially because of Helga's crazy love/hate relationship with Arnold. Classic cartoon that I would totally watch at midnight, or any other time of day.

Danielle, Assistant Product Manager: I didn’t have cable growing up… dun dun dun. I watched "Hey Arnold!" and "Rugrats" a couple times at my friend’s those count?

Tim, Sports Specialist: “Salute Your Shorts." I have one word for you…Donkeylips! I dare you to find one person who grew up in the 90’s that didn’t love "Salute Your Shorts." I miss Camp Anawanna, I miss Bobby Budnick, I miss them all. Now I just have to figure out which channel TeenNick is on.

Mike, Concert Specialist: "Secret World of Alex Mack." There was nothing cooler to me at the time than being able to travel around as a puddle. I believe this was the show that established my sci-fi/fantasy nerdiness.

Stephanie, PPC Specialist: I liked "Doug" – I remember watching it after school all the time.

Jess, Product Manager: "Double Dare." What kid doesn't want to be covered in slime?

What was YOUR all-time favorite '90s Nick show? Tell us in the comments!


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