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Although the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards isn’t until the end of next month and MTV hardly associates itself with music these days, the nominees for this year’s high profile award show were announced yesterday.

While dozens of artists were nominated for awards, one musician leads the pack with 10 nominations. If you’re thinking Taylor Swift, then you’re right. The video for T-Swift’s "Blank Space” is up for two awards, including for “Best Female Video.” However, the cameo filled, futuristic action clip for the popular tune “Bad Blood” featuring Kendrick Lamar is nominated for eight awards, including “Video of the Year.” (If you haven’t watched the video check it out, it’s good. And that’s coming from someone who usually refuses to listen to Swift.)


Justin Timberlake

It happened, we all fangirled, and now we'll never see them again. Probably. After days of will-they-won't-they debate, stories created entirely by "anonymous sources," vehement denial from 'NSync's own Joey Fatone, a cryptic tweet from a newly created Twitter account, and YEARS of waiting: 'NSync reunited. Thankfully for you, I watched it with bated breath so you didn't have to!

Here's what happened: the first half of last night's award show was kind of a mess, including a bizarre performance by Lady Gaga (of course) and a collaboration between Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke that made us all feel so weird that we needed to take a shower after. Blech.


My MTV Video Music Awards predictions

The MTV Video Music Awards are right around the corner; the ceremony will air August 28. The nominees were announced today, so I thought I'd try my hand at predicting some of the winners. Here goes nothing:

Video of the Year

The Nominees: Adele: "Rolling in the Deep"; Tyler, the Creator: "Yonkers"; Katy Perry: "Firework"; Bruno Mars: "Grenade"; Beastie Boys: "Make Some Noise"

My Pick: Adele

My Rationale: This is really Adele's year, considering the successful album and tour. Given that she has a widespread popularity across the U.S. and UK, and that the award is based on a vote, I think she has this one in the bag. That, and Katy Perry has eight other opportunities to win an award.