Spring 2012 Broadway show predictions

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Now that we're into January, the infamous doldrums of Broadway theatre, a new set of shows is ready to take the stage on the Great White Way over the next few months. So I rounded up a few bloggers to get their predictions for the upcoming season...and then I threw mine in for good measure.

The Columnist: "John Lithgow stars in this play based on the life of Joseph Alsop, a famous columnist during the 1960s. John Lithgow has had some pretty big successes on Broadway, including two Tony Awards, so this should be pretty good." — me

Death of a Salesman: “Seeing the revival of a classic play is always a treat, but seeing it with an all-star cast is a rare delight. Death of a Salesman is returning to Broadway this year starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Andrew Garfield and John Glover. Their names, along with the popular play, will be sure to draw in audiences.” — Melissa Hall, Stage Write Indy


Last chance to see several Broadway shows

With the holiday season over, we are now into January, which is notoriously a slow month for Broadway shows. Consequently, many shows choose to avoid the month altogether and close up shop. We've already seen several shows end their runs, including Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Hugh Jackman Back on Broadway, The Addams Family, Private Lives and Bonnie & Clyde.

There are several more shows closing in January, but you still have a chance to catch them on Broadway before they go on tour or just fall by the wayside. Check out the table below for closing dates and average ticket prices on the TicketNetwork exchange* for remaining dates.

ShowClosing Date Average Ticket Price
Billy Elliot1/8/2012 $241.71
Lysistrata Jones1/8/2012 $159.92
An Evening with Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin1/13/2012 $188.54
Follies1/22/2012 $174.22
The Mountaintop1/22/2012 $176.52

*As of 1/4/2012 2:30 p.m. EST. Prices may fluctuate based on market demand.

Austin Powers may be coming to a stage near you

According to recent news reports, an Austin Powers musical may be in the works. The show would serve as a sort of prequel to the movie series, revealing just how Powers came to have his "mojo" in the first place. Judging by the star-studded list of those who are rumored to be working on the project (Mike Myers is writing, Tony Award winner Casey Nicholaw is directing, and Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello are likely to contribute music) it could be a big hit on Broadway.

However, the actual cast is still very much up in the air. It has been reported that, while Myers will be heavily involved in the production, he will not be reprising his lead role. Who on earth could they get to replace him as Austin Powers? Many other movies that have been made into musicals obviously had star power that did not end up playing a part in the musical, but to me Mike Myers IS Austin Powers. I'm curious to see how they pull this one off.

Who do you think they should get for the stage version of Austin Powers? Tell us in the comments!

Michael Jackson The Immortal

After I posted an article about the new Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil tour kicking off a few weeks ago, I wondered how ticket sales were doing across the dozens of cities hosting the show, especially considering the huge amount of anticipation for the production. So, I got some stats from the TicketNetwork Exchange on average tickets prices for both current inventory and tickets already sold.

The most expensive tickets currently listed for sale are for the shows in Eugene, OR, which average $409.53 per ticket. Following Eugene in highest listed prices are Salt Lake City, UT, at $335.34; and Las Vegas, NV, at $334.55. Compare those to the lowest average price in Springfield, MA, where tickets are being listed for an average of $83.33, over $200 less than the fifth most expensive city.

But what are people actually paying for tickets? Demand seems to be highest for the Las Vegas shows, where the average price for tickets purchased is $289.26. Close behind are Miami, FL, at $282.83; Los Angeles, CA, at $274.46; Washington, DC, at $254.34 and Chicago, IL, at $253.75. Interestingly, Eugene, OR, is at the bottom of the list, with an average sold price of $103.17.

Are you going to any of the shows? Tell us in the comments!

Ticket prices in this article are based on data from the TicketNetwork Exchange as of October 11, 2011, at 2 p.m. Prices may have changed.

Fall 2011 Broadway show predictions

Broadway Sign

October's almost here, and that means that the new Broadway season is really starting to kick into gear. There are a lot of new shows hitting the Great White Way this fall, and some are sure to be great hits, while others...not so much. I asked several sites that deal with theatre to comment on what they're most looking forward to, what will be amazing, and what will do a giant belly-flop in the middle of Broadway. Shows are presented in alphabetical order for your convenience.

  • An Evening with Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin: “[This show] takes the talents of two seasoned performers and presents them in an irresistible way. The duo has proven its talent and this show should be no exception.” — Melissa Hall, Stage Write Indy
  • Bonnie & Clyde: “…could be a break out hit, or a disaster like Wonderland – we will have to see. The critics infamously hate Frank Wildhorn (the composer), but the cast is fantastic and the director great! I'm looking forward to seeing what this one is all about.” — Spencer Williams, The Broadway Critic