Michael Jackson The Immortal kicks off October 2

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Michael Jackson The Immortal

Cirque du Soleil has a history of creating shows around specific themes, including musical artists like The Beatles. In that vein, they've designed a brand-new spectacle to honor Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, in Michael Jackson The Immortal. Buzz has been building for over a year, but the tour's finally about to launch! See below for a full list of current scheduled dates, and check out the Michael Jackson The Immortal tickets page for future updates.

CityRun DatesCityRun Dates
Montreal, QC10/2-10/3/2011Kansas City, MO2/21-2/22/2012
Ottawa, ON10/7-10/8/2011Indianapolis, IN2/24-2/25/2012
Hamilton, ON10/12-10/13/2011Miami, FL3/2-3/3/2012
Detroit, MI10/15-10/16/2011Jacksonville, FL3/7-3/8/2012
London, ON10/18-10/19/2011Raleigh, NC3/10-3/11/2012
Toronto, ON10/21-10/23/2011Charlotte, NC3/13/2012
Winnipeg, MB10/26-10/27/2011Milwaukee, WI3/16-3/18/2012
Saskatoon, SK10/29-10/30/2011Montreal, QC3/20-3/22/2012
Edmonton, AB11/1-11/2/2011Quebec, QC3/24-3/25/2012
Vancouver, BC11/4-11/6/2011Minneapolis, MN3/27-3/28/2012
Seattle, WA11/9-11/10/2011Newark, NJ3/30/2012
Spokane, WA11/12-11/13/2011New York, NY4/3-4/5/2012
Eugene, OR11/15/2011Long Island, NY4/7-4/8/2012
Portland, OR11/18-11/20/2011Philadelphia, PA4/10-4/11/2012
Salt Lake City, UT11/28-11/29/2011Pittsburgh, PA4/13-4/15/2012
Las Vegas, NV12/3-12/27/2011State College, PA4/24-4/25/2012
Phoenix, AZ12/30-12/31/2011Columbia, SC4/27-4/28/2012
Boise, ID1/3-1/4/2012Baltimore, MD5/5-5/6/2012
Denver, CO1/6-1/8/2012Worcester, MA5/16-5/17/2012
Sacramento, CA1/10-1/11/2012Dayton, OH6/6-6/7/2012
San Jose, CA1/13-1/15/2012Columbus, OH6/9-6/10/2012
Oakland, CA1/17-1/18/2012Nashville, TN6/12-6/13/2012
San Diego, CA1/21-1/22/2012Austin, TX6/15/2012
Anaheim, CA1/24-1/25/2012San Antonio, TX6/23/2012
Los Angeles, CA1/27-1/29/2012Atlanta, GA6/29-6/30/2012
St. Louis, MO2/7-2/8/2012Montreal, QC7/6-7/7/2012
Houston, TX2/10-2/12/2012Washington, DC7/13-7/15/2012
New Orleans, LA2/15-2/16/2012Cleveland, OH7/17-7/18/2012
Tulsa, OK2/18-2/19/2012Chicago, IL7/20-7/21/2012

Are you going to see the show near you? Or would you rather spend your money on a different show? Tell us in the comments!


How to Succeed: Daniel Radcliffe vs. Nick Jonas

How to Succeed marquee

If you recall, I did a comparison of Daniel Radcliffe's two major roles, Finch vs. Harry Potter. Daniel's leaving How to Succeed in January, and it was recently announced that Nick Jonas will be taking over the lead role. So, I couldn't resist a follow-up comparison. Enjoy.

Daniel RadcliffeNick Jonas
Full nameDaniel Jacob RadcliffeNicholas Jerry Jonas
NicknameDanNick, Mr. President
HometownLondon, EnglandDallas, TX
Occupation(s)ActorMusician, actor, singer-songwriter, preteen swoon-inducer
Best known forPlaying Harry Potter in the moviesBeing one of the Jonas Brothers
Acting debutThe BBC One TV movie David Copperfield at age 10On Broadway at age 7
Fan baseHarry Potter fans, mostlyTeenage/preteen girls
Broadway experienceHow to Succeed in Business Without Really TryingA Christmas Carol, Annie Get Your Gun, Beauty and the Beast, Les Miserables
Advantages in a Daniel vs. Nick fightBritish accentHair

Did I miss any important categories? Who would you rather see star in a Broadway show? Let us know in the comments.


Shortest running shows ever to hit Broadway

If you recall, a few weeks ago I posted a list of the longest running Broadway shows and promised to follow up with a list of the shows with the shortest runs. It turns out, there have been a LOT of really terrible shows with incredibly short runs. Here are my top picks:

10. High Fidelity

You've seen the movie, right? Well, this is a musical based on the novel upon which the movie is based. It should have been good, but it makes the top ten shortest runs on my list, as it closed in December 2006 after only 14 regular performances and 18 previews.

9. Elling

Elling was a play based on a Norwegian film of the same name, starring Brendan Fraser and Denis O'Hare. The story is of two mismatched roommates, ala "The Odd Couple." Despite a situation that's ripe with comedy, the play closed after only nine regular performances.


Longest running Broadway shows

Broadway is about to kick off a new season of shows, all of which I’m sure would like to become the next big thing that runs for 20+ years. And some shows that have only been around for a year, like Book of Mormon, look like they’ll have nice long runs. However, some newbies have a long way to go before they can top the list of the longest running shows of all time. Below, the top ten (as of today…check out #10).

1. The Phantom of the Opera

Total performances: 9795 (as of 8/14/2011)
Run dates: 1/25/1988–present

The Phantom of the Opera wins this category by a long shot, as it’s been running over 23 years and it’s still going strong. Audiences love the spectacle created by the massive chandelier and other special effects that set the mood for this musical, and the production also won 7 Tony Awards in its first year.

2. Cats

Total performances: 7485
Run dates: 10/7/1982–9/10/2000

Cats is one of those shows that you either love or hate, and it’s apparent that a lot of people loved it, considering the run lasted almost 18 years. Unfortunately, this show will probably lose its #2 spot at some point, since there are some close competitors that are still on Broadway.


Top Broadway show tours and why you should see them

Theatre masks

I realized the other day that I have been focusing a lot on Broadway theatre and other events in the New York area, but the majority of people who read this blog are probably nowhere near there. So, I decided to give the rest of you some suggestions on great shows you can see in your own backyard, as Broadway and other shows embark on national tours. The tour versions of productions are usually just as good as the Broadway versions, but they’re often less expensive and more convenient.

The Addams Family: A newcomer to the tour circuit, The Addams Family is coming off its continued Broadway success, as stars like Nathan Lane, Bebe Neuwirth and Brooke Shields have rotated through the cast. I loved this show on Broadway, with all its quirks and ridiculous humor, so this is one of my top picks to catch on tour.

Wicked: Wicked has become a classic in its own right, so I had to add it to the list. If you haven’t yet seen the story of what happened before Dorothy ever got to Oz, you should check this out in a city near you. Personally, I’m finally going to see it in Hartford this October, and I’m very excited to see it live, rather than just listening to the soundtrack over and over.

Cirque du Soleil: Michael Jackson The Immortal: This is one of the most highly anticipated tours of all-time, due to the joint fame of Cirque du Soleil and the legend that is Michael Jackson. There are currently plans for the show to visit almost 50 cities across North America, and the list continues to grow. If you love MJ and want to see the Cirque version of a tribute to the King of Pop, check out the complete list of dates to see if it’s visiting a city near you.

Jersey Boys: This is another one of those recent classics (and another one of those shows that I will finally be seeing in Hartford this year). Jersey Boys has maintained its popularity both on Broadway and on tour over the last several years, as it brings back the age of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, with their struggles, their triumphs and, of course, their music.

The Book of Mormon: So this isn’t something you can see this year, but I thought it was worth mentioning. The Book of Mormon has been a huge hit on Broadway this year, and a national tour is kicking off in December 2012 in Denver, the hometown of Trey Parker and Matt Stone (and also near thousands of real-life Mormons). This will be one to watch.

Are you going to see or have you seen any of these shows? Let us know about it in comments below!