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What People Are Talking About

This week we have a diverse list of things people are talking about. The Miami Heat clinch the NBA® title again, there's some homestate pride in the Miss USA pageant, as well as a cringe moment for another contestant, and the official trailer for Anchorman 2 was released.

Miami Heat wins second NBA title in a row

The NBA® Finals came to a striking end last night with the Miami Heat claiming their second straight title, this year against the San Antonio Spurs. After a game characterized by back and forth leads between the two teams, a missed shot by the Spurs' Tim Duncan and a well-placed jumper by LeBron James in the final seconds put the game out of the Spurs' reach. So King James and the Heat get two in a row. Now the question on everyone's minds surely is: can the Heat make it a third next year? If so, they'll be the first team to do it since the LA Lakers in 2002. It'll likely be elusive, however, as not even the mighty Lakers could achieve it again after winning the 2009 and 2010 games, because they didn't make it to the finals in 2011. Of course, if the Heat even make it to the finals next year, that'll be a story all it's own. The last team to play in more than three consecutive finals (the Heat also played in 2011) was the Lakers from 1982 to 1985.


There was a lot of big news this week, including here at Check out some of the highlights of what people are talking about this week:

One Million Tickets Sold!

As you may or may not have heard, this week we have been celebrating an important milestone here at one millions tickets sold through our marketplace! It's been a long road to the big number and we wanted to say thank you to all our customers by giving everyone a chance to win a $100 gift card to Click on the image at left to go to the contest page to enter. Good luck!

First Day of Summer

Yesterday, June 21, marked the first day of summer. Here in the northeast (we are located in CT), mother nature let us know it was summer, giving us triple digit temperatures. Even with the high temperatures, the beginning of summer marks the beginning of the fun season, with swimming, vacations, barbecues and a whole lot of stuff to do outdoors.

LeBron gets his first title... (sigh)

Let's clear the air right off the bat: I'm a bitter Celtics fan. I hate LeBron James. Can't stand him. But, the world is abuzz after LeBron and his Miami Heat captured the 2012 NBA Championship, defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder in five games. Ok, that's enough positives about LeBron. After the game he said, "I didn't shortcut anything." Newsflash to LeBron: you shortcutted everything! You left your hometown team to go play with two other superstars! Could someone please ask LeBron what exactly he thinks a shortcut is?

I feel better now.

Is there anything else that happened this week you want to tell us? Let us know in the comments below. Have a great weekend!

The Miami Heat are now officially one game away from capturing the 2012 NBA title thanks to a 104-98 victory last night over the Oklahoma City Thunder. With Game 5 once again being played in Miami, LeBron James and Dwayne Wade have a chance to close out the series in front of their home fans. Not surprisingly, the average ticket prices listed for the game have gone up.

2012 NBA Finals Ticket Prices on

Game City Date Avg. Price
Avg. Price
5 Miami June 21 $1,289 $1,373
6* OKC June 24 $2,423 $2,261
7* OKC June 26 $2,145 $2,149
* If Necessary

Ticket prices have gone up by $84 since just two days ago and could continue to rise in the time leading up to Thursday night's game. On the flip side, prices for a potential Game 6 to be played in Oklahoma City have dropped by $162 over that same span.

On the court, the Heat have looked to be the better team. LeBron James has proved to be the best player in the world over and over again, but Miami has also been aided by contributions from role players like Shane Battier and Mario Chalmers. The Thunder have finally started to show their youth in the series, struggling to find a rhythm as a unit. They will need to figure it out quickly if they hope to have a chance to send the series back to OKC.

Game 5 will take place Thursday, June 21. If you would like tickets to Game 5 or any other game during the NBA Finals, click here to view the selection available at

Averages in table are based on the listed ticket price on as of 9:30 a.m. EDT on 6/20/2012. Prices may fluctuate based on demand.

Just like last season, the Miami Heat have taken a two games to one lead in the NBA Finals after beating the Oklahoma City Thunder 91-85 on Sunday night. Of course, last season the Heat went on to lose the next three games to Mavericks and lose the series overall. They hope they will have a very different outcome this year.

2012 NBA Finals Ticket Prices on

Game City Date Avg. Price
Avg. Price
4 Miami June 19 $1,047 $828
5 Miami June 21 $1,289 $811
6* OKC June 24 $2,594 $2,423
7* OKC June 26 $2,276 $2,145
* If Necessary

The Heat did not play their best game last night, shooting only 38 percent from the field, but they did do one thing well: shoot free throws. The team went to the line 35 times, making an unbelievable 31 of them. On the flip side, the Oklahoma City Thunder went to the free throw line just 24 times, making only 15. That's a 16-point difference, which was undeniably the difference in the game.

Although the series is just starting to heat up, the average ticket prices listed on have started to drop. The most substantial difference is seen in Thursday night's Game 5 in Miami, where the average listed price for tickets has dropped more than 37% since last Friday. Tuesday's Game 4 also has had a large drop in price, decreasing by more than 20%.

Game 4 will take place Tuesday, June 19. If you would like tickets to Game 4 or any other game during the NBA Finals, click here to view the selection available at

Averages in table are based on the listed ticket price on as of 10:30 a.m. EDT on 6/18/2012. Prices may fluctuate based on demand.

There were a lot of big discussions this week, and it was difficult to choose only three. So you get an extra one this week!

LA Kings

They did it! After waiting a long 45 years, the LA Kings have clinched the Stanley Cup. Here's a team that, very early this year was practically on nobody's radar. Then they started winning a lot of games and that got people interested. The Kings' ascension has shined an even more powerful spotlight on Los Angeles, as the city of the stars is usually only well known for the Lakers. Will the Kings make LA a sports haven to rival some of those on the east coast? I guess we'll have to wait until next year to find out.


How long will it be until we're asking, "Who shot John Ross?" The classic TV drama Dallas is back after 21 years off the air. The show, a continuation of the old one, centers around J.R. and Bobby's sons, John Ross and Christopher, and promises to re-ignite the old family rivalry that made the original series popular. J.R. and Bobby are also back, and played by their original actors.

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong is in the news again, and not for anything good. The seven-time winner of the Tour de France risks having every one of the titles stripped from him and being banned from cycling if it is proven that blood samples from 2009 and 2010 show evidence of doping. Armstrong denies the allegations, and is currently trying to clear his name.

NBA Finals

Should the ref have called a foul on LeBron James? That's the mini-controversy to come out of last night's Oklahoma City Thunder-Miami Heat game. The lack of a whistle from the officials, as expected by Kevin Durant of the Thunder, robbed the team of a chance to tie up the score at the free-throw line. In the end, the Heat won, 100-96. Check out more of our coverage on the final series: Game 1; Game 2.

That's it. Have a good weekend, everybody!

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