What's on Your Bucket List?

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Bucket List Events

Compiled and edited by James Hodges

Ever feel like the days are passing you by, leaving you without any tangible stories to tell? Sometimes our day-to-day lives can be rather unfulfilling. We have a limited amount of time and with busy schedules and it can feel like we’re not experiencing all that we should be. A road map can be the best way to add excitement, so our team at TicketNetwork got together and compiled a bucket list of events we want to see live.


The following is a guest article by Chris Jones.


Count another bastion of major network television among the endangered species. CBS and Turner Sports recently announced that TBS will broadcast the NCAA men’s basketball tournament semifinal games in 2014 and 2015. The Final Four always had been broadcast on major network television prior to the latest agreement.

The Final Four joins “Monday Night Football” and the college football bowl system (minus one game in 2012) that have made the transition to cable (or satellite) television. According to Sports Illustrated, cable subscription fees are the underlying factor that several major sporting events are cutting ties with the Big Four television networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox). Those over-the-air networks don’t charge viewers broadcast fees.



It's spriiiing! So, naturally, everyone's talking about March Madness. Also: apparently, we will never, ever, ever be over the '90s. Ever.

March Madness

I don’t know much about March Madness, except that it relates to picking which Division I team will win NCAA Men’s/Women’s Division I Basketball Championship. That is the extent of my knowledge, and I’m not going to lie, I had to look it up on Wikipedia for the specifics. That said, I know it’s a huge deal for basketball and sports fans. Even the president gets in on it, with his March Madness picks. For me, March Madness is all about the other brackets — like the ones to determine the best breakfast cereal or try to figure out if the ‘80s or the ’90s were the superior decade. Pixar’s video (left) of "Monsters University" teammates reacting to being excluded from the March Madness picks is super cute, too.


2012 Final Four Preview: Kentucky fans make their way to NOLA

2012 NCAA Final Four

For college basketball die-hards like me, there is no event quite like the NCAA Men's Final Four.

This year's event takes place in New Orleans and will feature some of the top programs in the country. One of the most intriguing match-ups in recent Final Four memory will be the Kentucky-Louisville game where there is no love lost between the in-state rivals and their head coaches. Nearly 1/3 of all Final Four tickets sold on the TicketNetwork Exchange have been purchased by customers from the Bluegrass State—more than any other state.

The other game, between Ohio State and Kansas, will also be a must-see, featuring two of the top players in the country.

Before you watch the games this weekend, check out our Final Four preview below:

The Teams

Kentucky – This is the second consecutive Final Four for the Wildcats; they lost last year to eventual National Champion UConn Huskies. Just like last year, UK is the prohibitive favorite to win the tournament and give the school its first championship since 1998 and head coach John Calipari's first title.