New Kids on the Block - "The Main Event"

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For those who grew up in eighties and nineties, you'll have the opportunity to relive your younger days this summer. How, you ask? The answer is simple; the third best-selling boy band (well, full blown adult band) in history, New Kids on the Block will be going on tour beginning in May. The North American tour, titled “The Main Event,” which you can find tickets for here, will also feature rapper Nelly and the surviving members of Grammy Award winning R&B group, TLC.

NKOTB, whose top hits include “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” and “Step by Step,” will begin their tour in Las Vegas on May 1st, and will crisscross the United States and Canada before performing their last show in Buffalo, NY on July 2nd. They, along with Nelly and TLC will be performing music spanning their entire careers, which means fans are sure to hear a wide range of hits from the 80’s to today.

NKOTB has also announced that each show will feature “top notch production elements,” such as a 360-degree stage, which will ensure everyone in the audience will have a clear view of the performers to which so many of them grew up listening. This will be New Kids on the Block’s first tour since 2013 and band member Donnie Wahlberg is confident the tour is sure to be a huge success, saying in a press release, “We wanted to make sure it was something new and fresh and fun and totally worthwhile for all of our supporters year after year. This year, we are making it THE MAIN EVENT. And we promise, it will be THE TICKET of the summer.” - Time will tell if New Kids on the Block, which was founded over 30 years ago, still has what it takes to make the audience scream like the teenage girls many of them once were.



NKOTB fans review the band in one tweet


Last week, we challenged our followers on Twitter to review New Kids on the Block in 140 characters or less, and we got a lot of great responses! You can find all of them by searching mentions of @TicketNetwork on Twitter, but I picked a few of my favorites to feature below. How would YOU review them in just 140 characters?

  • @Allijo99: Singing. Abs. Dancing. Abs. Five hot men. Abs.[...] A Wahlberg, 2 Knights, Joe and Danny. Did I mention abs?
  • @jthompson73: NKOTBSB concert was Heaven. A non stop Thrill Ride filled w/Hotness, Great Dancing n Singing, Excitement n LOVE. They ROCKED!
  • @Hollywood732: the @NKOTBSB was AWESOME it was the “boy band” concert of my dreams I felt like a teenager again and loved it
  • @sassycarmichael: As we danced our <3 out @NKOTB my 3 BFF’s & I were reminded that after 22 years, we were still Hanging just as Tough. MAGICAL
  • @MeganDafford: NKOTB can’t be summarized in just 140 characters. It was amazing, and Please Don’t Go Girl made my life complete.
  • @psychobabble5: being a fan since 7th grade and now in my thirties they still are and always will be…PHENOMENAL!
  • @Kimmie0218: Scrumptious
  • @brward131: I went to the NorCal @NKOTBSB concert. It was the most amazing, epic concert ever! One of the best nights of my life!!
  • @emdem0429: best reunion ever. They made that teenage obsession SO worth it. I think we are all having so much more fun this time around.
  • @nkotb_chickadee: How about in 1 word: AMAZEBALLS!
  • @justwrite115: If I could freeze time, I’d have done it 6/3/11 at the @NKOTB concert! Then I’d be stuck in my fave time period-Block Ages!
  • @saxy15: To me @NKOTB is a reputable, loving, down to earth talented group of guys that mean so much to me and my fellow Blockheads.
  • @Glad2BreMe: After 20ish+ years, my best friend & I FINALLY got to see @NKOTB ! It was AMAZING!<3ed the 1st show so much,got tix to a 2nd!