From the screen to the stage: 5 upcoming movie musicals

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I’ve been hearing a lot of people talking about upcoming musicals that have been adapted from movies, including Bring it On and Rocky. So I thought I’d do some do some research and give you five upcoming projects, and how well I think they will do.

The Nutty Professor: The Musical

The latest news: This one is still in the early stages, and I can’t find too much info on it. But rumor has it that Jerry Lewis himself is bringing the show to Broadway, and musical legend Marvin Hamlisch (one of the few EGOT winners) has written almost 20 songs for the project.

How it'll do: Taking into account the great popularity of the movie (and its remake) and the star power involved, this could be amazing. Of course, those are also the same things Spider-Man had going for it, and look what happened to that.


2011 Tony Award winners

I just finished watching the 65th annual Tony Awards, and it was a great show. Host Neil Patrick Harris was hilarious and entertaining as always, even taking one 30 second interval to make as many jokes about "Spider-Man" as he could. All of the musical numbers were amazing, and Nikki M. James' acceptance speech almost made me cry; she was so excited! Also, you need to watch Mark Rylance's acceptance speech. It's...indescribable.

But the most important thing is, now we can figure out who won the Tony predictions war, me or Colin! Here are the results:

Best Play

  • What Colin predicted: War Horse
  • What Liz predicted: War Horse
  • Who actually won: War Horse

Best Musical

  • What Colin predicted: The Book of Mormon
  • What Liz predicted: The Book of Mormon
  • Who actually won: The Book of Mormon

Best Book of a Musical

  • What Colin predicted: The Scottsboro Boys
  • What Liz predicted: The Book of Mormon
  • Who actually won: The Book of Mormon

Best Original Score

  • What Colin predicted: The Scottsboro Boys
  • What Liz predicted: The Book of Mormon
  • Who actually won: The Book of Mormon

Which Broadway show is for you?

Are you interested in seeing a show on Broadway, but you can't decide which one? Maybe you have no idea what any of them are about, or you have very specific preferences. Whatever the situation, take our Broadway show quiz below and let us help you pick the best production for you!

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When Broadway theater reviews attack

Theatre masks

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark recently finished a major overhaul, during which they took several weeks off to change the script and music in the hopes of overcoming terrible reviews during previews. This got me looking for the original Spider-Man reviews, and in the process I found several other gems, where the reviewer reamed the show in question with some very clever and entertaining phrases. Here are some of my favorites (I heartily recommend clicking through to read the reviews in their entirety):

The show: Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

  • What it’s about: Who even knows at this point? The show has undergone so many revisions (and accidents) that I have no idea what the “final” product will be.
  • The reviewers: New York Times, Slate
  • Highlights:
    • "The sheer ineptitude of this show, inspired by the Spider-Man comic books, loses its shock value early. After 15 or 20 minutes, the central question you keep asking yourself is likely to change from ‘How can $65 million look so cheap?’ to ‘How long before I'm out of here?’…‘Spider-Man’ is not only the most expensive musical ever to hit Broadway; it may also rank among the worst…[it] is so grievously broken in every respect that it is beyond repair. Fans of Ms. Taymor's… ‘The Lion King,’…will have to squint charitably to see evidence of her talent."—New York Times
    • "Julie Taymor's train wreck, through and through…a comic book musical that seems to have no affection for comic books or musicals…[a] mass entertainment that at its heart is one woman's wild ego trip.”—Slate

Dos and Don'ts for Seeing a Broadway Show

Broadway image

A lot of people love going to the theatre, but they’re unsure about what the rules are. What do you wear to a Broadway show? Do they have snacks? Can I do a jig during intermission? I put together a short list of do’s and don’ts when attending a performance on the Great White Way.

  • DO wear whatever you feel comfortable in. It can be fun to dress up for the theatre, as the custom used to be, but there is no official dress code in any of the Broadway theaters.
  • DON’T wear a giant hat. That’s just mean to the three rows of people behind you.
  • DO shower before going to the theater. People will be sitting next to you for upwards of two hours, and they don’t want to have to smell you, too.
  • DON’T wear an excessive amount of perfume/cologne. See above.
  • DO feel free to buy snacks and show merchandise before the show or during intermission.
  • DON’T wait until the show has started to open the candy bar/bag of chips/[insert other item with an annoyingly loud wrapper here]. Not cool.
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