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Taylor Swift is going back on tour, meaning there really was no competition in November. When added together, 65% more tickets were bought for Taylor Swift concerts than the nearest contender, Trans-Siberian Orchestra. She will likely continue to do well for at least the next couple weeks as more shows go on sale.

Meanwhile, TSO tickets are selling even better now that the holiday season is in full swing, and they've been joined in representing the holiday-themed shows by Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Also doing better is One Direction, who is back in the Top 3 after dropping to sixth place last month. Most of the rest of the Top 10 is pretty much the same, just with switched positions. The exception is the one other new event, Disney on Ice: Rockin' Ever After.


Take Me Home preview

The following is a guest article by Chris Buckley.

One Direction look set to capitalise on the success of their first album ‘Up All Night’ and subsequent rise to global superstardom, with the confirmed release of their latest album Take Me Home, due on November 12th.

The first single will be ‘Live While We’re Young’, a track that rocketed to the top of the iTunes charts in more than 40 countries, despite no-one ever hearing the song! That’s a big achievement!

The album will consist of 11 new songs, with the deluxe yearbook edition containing four bonus videos, and from the many rumours doing the rounds it looks set to be a cracker. "Live While We’re Young" was written by Rami Yacoub, Carl Falk and Savan Kotecha, the same trio responsible for "What Makes You Beautiful", and according to reports has been described as a "piece of pop-perfection".


A lot changed last month in the Top 10. One Direction returned to the top, displacing the Ringling Bros. Circus, but just barely. Meanwhile, theater staple Wicked and the popular Book of Mormon moved up, thanks to a burst in orders.

Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra have entered the list for the first time, due to the fact that they haven't had tours since last year. Notably, Lady Gaga has not displaced One Direction. There was a time when she would have topped this list, perhaps alternating with Justin Bieber. However, tickets have been on sale for a little more than a week; we'll give her some extra time to climb.

Speaking of performers not doing as well, Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan are slowly, but surely, slipping down the list. This isn't very surprising, given that their tour is wrapping up. But it is the first time since May that they haven't been in the top three.


This week: a unique Mad Men-inspired video, an embarrassing baseball error and the stir around Michelle Obama's nails.

Mad Men Rickroll

A comedian compiled dozens of one-word clips of "Mad Men" scenes to create a whole "music video" to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up." Enjoy. And don't say I didn't warn you.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention has caused quite a stir, but not just for political reasons. Apparently women everywhere are clamoring over the nail polish she wore during the speech, which turned out to be...well, read the article.

Baseball error

Awkward Rockies error

It's one of the easiest parts of the game: the catcher just has to throw the ball back to the pitcher after each pitch. But in this case, the pitcher missed the catch, allowing the Braves to score an unearned run and, ultimately, win the game.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

This week we cover a big announcement from One Direction, a big trade between the LA Dodgers and Boston Red Soz, and not-so-big news about Bill Cosby.

One Direction reveals release date for their second album

Yesterday, the popular boy band One Direction announced the release date of their sophomore studio album. Titled Take Me Home, it will drop on November 13, just short of a year since their debut album Up All Night, was released. The first single from the album, "Live While We're Young," will be released on October 1.

Boston Red Sox trade Gonzales, Beckett, Crawford, and Punto to the LA Dodgers

Last Saturday the Boston Red Sox traded first baseman Adrian Gonzales, pitcher Josh Beckett, outfielder Carl Crawford, and infielder Nick Punto to the Los Angeles Dodgers. In return, the Dodgers sent first baseman James Loney, pitcher Allen Webster, infielder Ivan DeJesus, Jr., and two players to be named later to the Red Sox. The nine-player trade shed $250 million from the Red Sox payroll and is the biggest deal in Dodgers history.

Yes, Bill Cosby is still alive

On Monday Bill Cosby was the target of a hoax announcing that the 75 year old actor had died. Cosby is still alive, but it's not the first time he's been subject to the hoax. He was reported dead twice in 2010. The rumor mill struck two other times this week, as Bill Nye "the Science Guy" was also reported dead Monday morning, and comedian Russell Brand was reported dead on Sunday.

If you're in the United States or Canada, enjoy your Labo(u)r Day. Everyone else, enjoy your weekend!

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