6 Things You Need to Know About: Vegas Residencies

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Vegas Residencies seem to be the biggest thing in performing these days. So with so many artists setting up semi-permanent shop on the Vegas Strip, here are the 6 Things You Need to Know About Vegas Residencies:


While in Las Vegas for last week's Ticket Summit® conference and trade show, I made it a point to attend Penn & Teller's show at the Rio. Though I had visited Vegas once a year for the previous three years, I hadn't yet gotten a chance to see it. So this year I actually got a ticket and went as soon as I arrived in the city.

I knew going into it that Penn & Teller isn't quite like other magic shows. Their shtick is that of the skeptic, and it's a role they fill well because not only do they have the chops to actually perform the tricks. With such confidence, they can afford to give away a few secrets, and it helps them stand out from the other magicians on the Strip.