Seriously Cute Saturday Post: Dachshund Puppies Love Bath Time

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Obviously, no one loves bath time as much as these puppies, who sprint up to the bathroom so quickly their owner has to run up the stairs after them. Then the little dogs rotate trying to jump up inside of the top, only their little lets are too tiny. Once they make it in, it's like a giant puppy jacuzzi. Enjoy!


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With how frequently dog videos get posted here, I don't think it's much of a secret that we love them. They can't help that they're so adorable and smart and funny! So this week, we pay homage to dogs, with a special dog-themed post. Check out dogs giving their masters a warm welcome, a dog playing the best game of fetch ever, and a commercial that will make you want to run out and get a dog of your own.

Dogs welcome soldiers home

Soldiers coming home is enough to make anyone emotional. Capturing that on video for everyone to see adds an extra dose of emotion. Add a reunion with beloved pets and some upbeat music into the mix, and suddenly it's just good feelings all around, forever. This compilation video, which surfaced earlier this week, features dogs of all kinds, but my favorite is the huge doggie at the end who's so happy to see his human that he gives him a big ol' hug.


Do you love cute things? Do you especially love then those cute things happen to be puppies? What about multiple puppies in a laundry basket making the cutest little noises that only puppies can make? Yeah, happy Thursday!

I love a good excuse to look at puppies. I especially have a soft spot for fluffy, pudgy, stumpy puppies. Here are three irresistibly adorable videos to get you through your Wednesday. Enjoy!


Adorable puppies adopted by giant capybara named Cheesecake


If that headline sounds weird, it's because it is. But who isn’t a sucker for adorable animal stories? Last week, a story surfaced about eight dachshund puppies who were found in a plastic container in Arkansas. Abandoned.

But then they were rescued by the Rocky Ridge Refuge and got a foster mom — in the form of a giant capybara named Cheesecake.

If you haven’t heard of a capybara, they’re the biggest rodent in the world (bigger than a beaver or a porcupine!) and they’re oddly endearing. So capybara + dachshund puppies = OMG so cute. This week, we got to see Cheesecake and the puppies in action with a video! Enjoy.

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