Kitten Bowl Rivals Puppy Bowl By Having 60-70 Kittens

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Those who sometimes enjoy tuning in to the Puppy Bowl during the Super Bowl (um, who doesn't?) received a nice surprise recently when it was announced that every cat lovers' dream would come true with the Kitten Bowl.

As any Puppy Bowl watcher might know, kittens were previously relegated to a darling half-time show, while puppies were the obvious star players during the actual game. Hallmark, however, decided this wasn't enough and announced the Kitten Bowl, to premiere for the first time during the 2014 Super Bowl.

As if that information wasn't enough, further details about the Kitten Bowl have emerged. For starters, a whopping 60-70 kittens will take part in the Kitten Bowl. (By comparison, the Puppy Bowl typically has around 40 puppies in it. But it also has kittens, so!) On top of that, Beth Stern, talk radio host Howard Stern's wife, will host the event, with Yankees radio announcer John Sterling giving the event's play-by-play.

Cat and dog lovers can finally live in peace.

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