World Series 2013 Schedule Announced

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World Series 2013

The Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals will face off in this year's World Series, which starts Wednesday, Oct. 23! There's still time to get tickets to see the action unfold live.

If you'd prefer to watch on TV, here is the full schedule. All games, except game 4, have an airtime of 7:30 p.m., with first pitch happening at 8:07 p.m. Game 4 starts at 8 p.m., with first pitch at 8:15 p.m. Dates and times are subject to change.

World Series 2013 Schedule

Date Game City
10/23 Game 1 Boston
10/24 Game 2 Boston
10/26 Game 3 St. Louis
10/27 Game 4 St. Louis
10/28 Game 5* St. Louis
10/30 Game 6* Boston
10/31 Game 7* Boston

* If needed

I don't know much about sports, but I know things like the World Series are important. So who are you rooting for?

Texas Rangers tickets tops in MLB at All-Star break

The Texas Rangers have been among the top teams in Major League Baseball in 2012, and on, they have also been the most sought-after tickets in the league.

Games at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington have accounted for nearly 12% of all MLB tickets sold through the marketplace, nearly 3% more than their closest competitor, the New York Yankees. Even more impressively, the Rangers have sold more than two times the number of tickets than any of their American League West rivals combined. The team has had an electrifying first half (see video below to see Mother Nature's proof) and currently boasts the second-best record in baseball, having out-slugged their opponents all season long, scoring a league-leading 443 runs.

Having the Rangers and Yankees atop the rankings is not really a surprise as they are the two best teams in baseball, but one surprise is the disappointing Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox have been a fixture as one of the top selling teams in previous years, but they have not lived up to those standards in 2012. The team currently ranks No. 11, behind teams like the Milwaukee Brewers, Pittsburgh Pirates and even the typically attendance-challenged Tampa Bay Rays.

Top Selling MLB Teams on

#1. Texas Rangers #16. Minnesota Twins
#2. New York Yankees #17. Kansas City Royals
#3. Milwaukee Brewers #18. New York Mets
#4. Detroit Tigers #19. Houston Astros
#5. Atlanta Braves #20. Philadelphia Phillies
#6. Pittsburgh Pirates #21. Cincinnati Reds
#7. San Francisco Giants #22. Cleveland Indians
#8. Colorado Rockies #23. Los Angeles Angels
#9. Tampa Bay Rays #24. Baltimore Orioles
#10. Los Angeles Dodgers #25. Toronto Blue Jays
#11. Boston Red Sox #26. Miami Marlins
#12. St. Louis Cardinals #27. Arizona Diamondbacks
#13. Washington Nationals #28. Chicago White Sox
#14. Seattle Mariners #29. San Diego Padres
#15. Chicago Cubs #30. Oakland Athletics