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What do a heart-wrenching episode of an HBO show, a singing 8-year-old in a music video, and sloths have in common? Absolutely nothing, but we are talking about them this week.

Game of Thrones Reactions

Technically, what happened in last week's episode of "Game of Thrones" was public knowledge prior to its air date, since George R. R. Martin released the third book in his series in 2000. But not all of us have read his novels and instead only watch the HBO series... SO THE EPISODE HURT. I won't say anything except: why? And why am I such a masochist? And why does George R. R. Martin hate us so much? Sigh. Thankfully, I'm in good company. Videos of "Game of Thrones" fans reacting to the episode have made their way around the internet. (NSFW language at the source.) The episode has effectively divided the entire fan base into "show watchers" — people like me, who will not speak of such a mortifying experience — and "book readers" — those who knew what was coming and thought it was toootally funny when the rest of us were horrified. TV watchers unite! ...As we cry ourselves to sleep waiting for the season finale this weekend.