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Rushing the field at a sporting event is hardly new. In fact, a simple Google search of "rushing the field" returns a slew of relevant articles, including lists of the best moments and sites speculating the penalties for being that person. But one thing is pretty clear: everyone is really amused by people who rush the field.

Three sisters were among the latest to indulge in the stunt. Kayleigh, Emily, and Torrie Hill were in the stands at the College World Series at a game between UCLA and Mississippi State. Kayleigh tweeted about their desire to rush the field. A few innings later, they went for it... and they got the whole thing on Vine, giving us the best selfie/GIF ever (or at least of this week).


Sure, they were also slapped with a $1,500 fine, but whatever — it was totally worth it.

GIF credit to Daily Dot.