Five most popular soccer teams and why people love them

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The following is a guest article written by Kandace Heller.

Soccer - The World's Sports

When it comes to picking out the five most popular teams in the world, it would be hard to bet against teams in England and Spain. These are the only two countries you need to look at while you are searching for the teams on this list, and the passion behind these club teams is found to be at the same level as some of the most followed national teams in the world. These teams were chosen based on the ever-increasing popularity. Often, their fans are loyal and make sure to show this loyalty at games with body paint, jerseys or footy scarves.

5. Arsenal

Founded in 1886, Arsenal is one of the top clubs in England, and their current fan base is somewhere around 115 million people. The team's jerseys are made by Nike and the team is sponsored by The Emirates Group. The kit colors are white and red. Although they play their club matches in London, Arsenal is one of the few clubs that is able to garner a lot of attention from different parts of the world. In fact, Arsenal has routinely been referred to as the favorite club of American fans of the sport.