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Road Trip Playlist

Road Trips are a summer staple, and American tradition, and the reason (we're certain) that 8-tracks were installed in cars. We've compiled the best road trip songs about road trips for your last-minute, late-summer journey.

(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66 (1946) – The Cole Trio

Recorded by Nat King Cole’s early group, the Cole Trio, “Route 66” is as American as Apple Pie. It also highlights the beginning of the era of the automobile in the United States. The construction of enormous highways coincided perfectly with the rise of Big Auto out of Detroit.

I've Been Everywhere (1959) – written by Geoff Mack, made famous in the States by Johnny Cash

This song was actually written and performed first by Australian Geoff Mack, but Cash adopted and adapted the tune to mesh perfectly with his down-home vision of Americana. It is now a staple of hotel commercials.


5 Songs That Totally Sound the Same

Critics of the Katy Perry released her latest single, "Roar," have said her song sounds an awful lot like Sara Bareillis' song, "Brave." Obviously the whole "hey, that song totally sounds like ___!" has been around for a while.

Ask any super jaded music fan and they'll tell you there's no such thing as original music anymore, just the same stuff re-hashed over and over. Personally, I am only offended when songs sound alike and both versions are terrible because I don't want to encourage more terrible music in this world. That said, here are five undeniably similar songs, starting with Katy and Sara.

Katy Perry v. Sara Bareillis

The opening chords, the music breakdowns, that piano in the background? Yeah, these "Roar" and "Brave" definitely sound like they were at least influenced by one another. Plus, Katy Perry definitely tweeted a few months ago that she loved Sara's song. Does that really mean anything? No. But whatever, y'all, it's gossip.


On Monday, to prevent the songs leaking, both Katy Perry and Lady Gaga went ahead and released their latest singles ahead of schedule. Katy Perry released her song, "Roar," which will be part of her third album, Prism, to be released in October. Immediately, many argued she had ripped off Sara Bareilles' 4-month-old song, "Brave" (which, by the way, Katy tweeted about several months ago).

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga released her song, "Applause." The single is her first from her new album, "ARTPOP," which is scheduled to be released in November. After her song debuted to some less-than-ideal reviews, she urged her fans to trust her, not bloggers.

Regardless, both artists have huge followings, and both musicians have also taken a break from the music world for quite some time, making their returns pretty highly anticipated. Fans seem pleased with both songs — but which song do you like better? Listen below and comment to let us know!

Katy Perry, "Roar"


Lady Gaga, "Applause"


I was not particularly in on the “Gangnam Style” craze when it first happened, but I was kind of the only one. I could recognize its significance, though, in that it was one of the first songs to come complete with its own dance moves since Cali Swag District's "Teach Me How To Dougie." Psy's song joined the ranks of the equally beloved and reviled collection of wedding-songs-everyone-is-required-to-dance-to, like "Macarena" and "Electric Slide."

Because of that, most seemed to assume Psy would be a one-hit wonder and fade away just like Lou Bega (“Mambo No. 5”) and Baha Men (“Who Let the Dogs Out?”). Maybe he'd come back for a reality show at some point (like Vanilla Ice) but if not, we likely would never hear from him again.


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Beyonce debuts Pepsi "Mirrors" promo, previews new song

This morning, Beyonce gave a sneak peek of a song from her upcoming Mrs. Carter album when she released a 61-second video promo for Pepsi. The two recently partnered for the Super Bowl, and the latest video shows Beyonce sipping a can of Pepsi before dancing, surrounded by mirrors. In each mirror, she sees a reflection of previous versions of herself. There's the "Bootylicious" Beyonce, "Crazy In Love" Beyonce, and (of course) "Single Ladies" Beyonce — and then they all dance together to promote the motto, "live for now."

Prior to the video, Beyonce has posted a cryptic six second video with the hashtag #BeyHereNow, asking fans to visit her site at 9 a.m. EST today. It makes sense that the singer would release something new on this date, 4/4/13, considering her obsession with the number 4 (even the digits of this year, 1 and 3, add up to 4). But she was totally one minute late (not that I was sitting here waiting, which I actually was) and it doesn't even matter, because it's Beyonce.

What do you think of the song/promo?