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As you'll soon see, this edition of "What people are talking about this week" is more like "What people are talking about today," because there are a lot of great things being discussed today. Let's get to it.

The NFL draft

The first round of the NFL draft happened last night, and today people are searching for information about it, a lot. So much so that at the time we took the screenshot below eleven out of the first twelve Google Trends spots were dedicated to it, and it had most of the real estate on the page:

Google Trends as of 4/27/12 2:30pm EDT

Complementing the discussion of who was picked is stats on how the NFL draft show fared. It did well, getting a Nielsen rating of 4.8, and doing better than last year. Its fortunes may have been to the detriment of some other shows, however. Not a great thing for those shows when networks are currently choosing which ones will be renewed and which will not be renewed.