TicketNetwork SpellMasters compete in spelling bee

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On Friday, TicketNetwork fielded a team at the Achieve Hartford! Community Spelling Bee, where over 40 teams competed for glory and fame. The event was not your typical spelling bee. Instead of individuals spelling their own words, teams competed in rounds against five other teams at a time. The same word was given to the whole “swarm,” and whichever team outlasted the others was the champ for that round. Finally, the winners from each swarm were brought together in a final round to determine the ultimate champion.

Although we didn’t win (who knew there was an “i" in revirescent?), the event was a blast. Several local mascots were present to get the crowd cheering, and all of the teams were encouraged to pick a creative team name and dress up in awesome costumes. The TicketNetwork SpellMasters dressed up as wizards (get it? SPELL masters? Like, spelling and spellcasting…never mind) and came thisclose to winning the costume contest, falling to the Tough Cookies wearing Girl Scout cookie costumes.

Aside from competing, TicketNetwork also helped sponsor the event, which benefits Achieve Hartford!, an organization that supports education reform and community involvement in the Hartford Public School District.

In honor of the spelling bee, here are a few great videos from the National Spelling Bee.