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4 Songs You Didn't Know Were World Cup Anthems

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If you follow the FIFA World Cup, you may already know that every four years, the organization commissions an official anthem to represent the event. These multilingual songs are then used as warm-ups to the event, in addition to serving as a little momento from the big day.

But sometimes the songs become popular hits — and we're not even aware of their connection to fútbol. Here are four of the most popular, starting with...

#1 - Pitbull featuring Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte, We Are One (Ole Ola)


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MLB Meets Taylor Swift in Twitter Sing-Along

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Things got a little crazy yesterday on Twitter, at least when it came to MLB and some of its teams. Someone over at the MLB headquarters must have been jamming along to Taylor Swift's "Love Story" because all it took was tweeting one lyric to the song before a sing-along began between the MLB Twitter account and the official accounts for teams like the Rangers, the Reds, the Brewers, and the Dodgers. Who knew they were all such big Taylor Swift fans?

Here's how it all got started...


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If you don't follow sports very closely, you may not know that game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals happens June 4. The Rangers were the first team to make it to the finals... and after watching the video below, I can't help but root for them. Check out the 11-minute profile on Rangers play Dominic Moore and his lovely wife.


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9 Weird College Sports Mascots

After the recent stories about the New Orleans Pelicans and their terrifying mascots — first Pierre, then King Cake Baby — I figured now is as good a time as any to delve into some of the weirdest mascots in sports. Specifically, 9 of the most bizarre mascots in college sports... plus one more, just for fun:

#1 Blue Blob

Mascot for: Xavier University

Background: Prior to the Blue Blob, Xavier University's mascot was a musketeer — which scared little children. So the school needed another mascot, something more kid-friendly. Blue Blob was born. The university now has two mascots, D'Artagnan the Musketeer and Blue Blob. Since its creation in the 1980s, Blue Blob has made several appearances, including a controversial Playboy article. So much for kid-friendly?

Why it's weird: For starters, it's a blue blob. It's relatively harmless to look at, aside from the fact that its existence has no purpose or connection to Xavier whatsoever. What's more: the mascot has a 22-inch tongue that hangs inside of the blob's mouth — that is, until the person inside uses his or her arm to operate it. The tongue is frequently used to lick children and fans. That's weird.


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Onsales This Week

Events onsale this week
Day(s) Event  
Thur/Sat Arctic Monkeys Buy tickets
Fri Bruce Springsteen Buy tickets
Fri Brantley Gilbert Buy tickets
Fri Luke Bryan Buy tickets
Fri OneRepublic Buy tickets
Fri Willie Nelson & Allison Krauss Buy tickets
Fri Morrissey Buy tickets
Fri DMB Buy tickets
Fri/Sat Lady Antebellum Buy tickets
Fri/Sat Lionel Richie Buy tickets
Fri/Sat Monster Jam Buy tickets
Sat Guinness Cup Buy tickets
Sat Cirque: Michael Jackson The Immortal Buy tickets
Sat Bonnaroo Buy tickets
Mon Mexico Soccer Buy tickets
Mon New York Yankees Buy tickets

Like last week, the next few days of this week are going to be quite busy, with a lot of activity in concerts, sports, and theater. However, one of the onsales we'll be paying particular attention to is that of the New York Yankees. That's because single game tickets for Yankees home games go on sale this coming Monday, February 24.

Of course, we're really interested to see how well Yankees tickets sell in light of Derek's Jeter's recent announcement that he is retiring after the upcoming season. I don't think anybody doesn't think they'll sell extremely well — the final home game and final regular season game ought to do particularly well — but we are excited to see how the retirement affects demand.

We already have some preliminary answers to that. More than a week after the announcement, prices have spiked. Last Friday, I noted that the average selling price for Jeter's last home game on September 25 had risen almost $250 from before the announcement to after it. Today I can report that the after-announcement selling price is now $505, almost $100 more than seven days ago.

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