Battle Of The Seasons: Your Pick For Best Season Is...

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Four seasons

As you know from our posts earlier this week, the TN Team has been arguing over which season they think is best. Was it fall, with its pumpkin-flavored foods and fall foliage? Was it winter, with its extreme sports and winter holidays? Was it spring, with its blooming flowers and sports? Or was it fall, with its fun summer activities and barbecues?

While we did our best to make a case for our respective favorites, we also wanted to give our readers a chance to weigh in. So we asked around on social media to you tell us which season reigned supreme. And YOUR choice for the best season is (drumroll please)...


Battle Of The Seasons: Why Spring Is The Best

Spring In The Park

Yes, it's fall. So, let me be the first person to say... I'm sorry that you have to suffer through such a dreadful season only to lead up to an equally bad season (winter). Time to get out the rakes and shovels, fun is over. On the bright side, only six months until the spring.

I sometimes find it hard to believe that people would choose any season other than the spring as the best of them all. Spring is far and away the best season and not just because of all its good qualities, but because of all the shortcomings of the other seasons.

Why Spring Is The Best

Trees And Flowers Are Back From The Dead. The #1 reason that people love the fall is the foliage, which by definition is leaves DYING from off the trees. Maybe if those dead leaves stayed on the trees, but no, hours and hours of raking is inevitable. Give me the spring, when the trees start budding once again with new life. Flowers begin to bloom once again. Any color you could want to see starts showing up again on trees and in gardens. I choose to watch things come back to life, not die and decay, but that could be just me.


Countdown to spring: It's here!



Forget the fact that in some parts of the U.S., there's snow on the ground. IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE! SPRING IS FINALLY HERE!

Countdown to spring: Top concert pick for the season

Dave Matthews Band

At long last, spring is tomorrow! Of course, we here are having a difficult time believing that every time we look out the windows in our office, but officially it is arriving tomorrow at 11:02 UTC, or 7:02 AM EDT/4:02 AM PDT in the United States.

As with sports, spring is a great time to attend a concert, especially in smaller, amphitheater-like settings. With the back walls open, you can grab a lawn seat and, if it's not an actual seat, spread out a little and enjoy the show.

It is in this environment that a group like the Dave Matthews Band thrives. The band knows exactly how to keep its fans entertained: good grooves, creativity and improvisation, and an intimate atmosphere provided by the amphitheater setting (though they sometimes play arenas, too). These are just a few reasons their annual summer tours tend to be very popular. Anyone who's experienced the major traffic jams whenever they come to Hartford, CT, could tell you that.

As luck would have it, almost every concert on their upcoming summer tour is in an amphitheater; the ones that are not are in theaters or festival grounds, which are usually similarly intimate settings. The tour begins May 17 in Spring, TX, and ends September 8 in Mountain View, CA. DMB also has a couple remaining shows from the winter tour coming up on April 6 in Birmingham, AL, and April 27 in Southaven, MS. Finally, the band will be performing at the New Orleans Jazz Fest on April 28.

Countdown to spring: Top sports pick for the season

Over the past week, we have been counting down the days until spring will finally be here. As a sports enthusiast, spring is an amazing time of the year. During the 93 days of spring, the NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments take place, the NBA and NHL playoffs will start and almost end, and the NFL will have its annual draft at Radio City Music Hall. But the top thing I am looking forward to this season, is the start of the 2013 Major League Baseball season on March 31.

Is there any sport more connected to spring then baseball? When Spring Training officially began in late February, everyone began to see the light at the end of the dark, cold, winter tunnel, and began eagerly awaiting the start of the baseball season. There is nothing quite like sitting at ballpark when the weather is warm enough that you can wear just a T-Shirt and shorts, but cool enough that you won't break a sweat sitting in the sun. Perfection.

As a Red Sox fan myself, there is not really the same excitement as in years past, but that doesn't matter. I love baseball. And if you are a die-hard fan like me, you always stick behind your team, for better or worse. Despite the less-than-stellar outlook for the Red Sox this year, I can't wait for all the baseball debates I will have this year. The most heated sports arguments always seem to be between baseball rivals. There is not a Yankees fan out there that I don't love arguing with (except my wife; we have agreed not to talk about it, specifically anything Derek Jeter related).

When the season starts, I can always count on tuning into a game every night for the next six months. There is nothing quite like it. I love all sports, but Major League Baseball has a much more sentimental value in my heart and that is why it's my favorite thing about the spring season.

What sports event or game that are you looking forward most in spring 2013?

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