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Spring is coming and that means warm weather, which means the desire to go on vacation greatly increases. Many kids get a week of vacation during springtime (unless you've been subjected to this year's New England Nor'easter), so families will often pick it as a time to take a trip.

If you're currently planning a trip this spring, you know there are just so many options from which to choose, but here are five ideas to start off.

Cherry Blossom Festival - Washington, DC

Held yearly in Washington, DC, the festival commemorates the 1912 gift of 3,000 cherry blossom trees from Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo, Japan, and honors the relationship between the United States and Japan. After initially receiving a batch of diseased trees, new ones were sent and then-First Lady Helen Taft planted one of the first trees. The festival has been held every year since then, except during World War II.

The festival expanded to five weeks last year, giving visitors plenty of time to get involved with events happening during it, including the popular parade and Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival. And of course, the actual blooming of the trees themselves.

Visit the official website to learn more about all of the events happening during the Cherry Blossom Festival, including the major Signature Events.


Spring poppies

Although what constitutes spring varies depending on local climate and location in the world, in New England, it’s hard not to be super psyched about the beautiful weather that will become part of our daily life. (That is, if all goes well.)

Longer days, leisurely strolls outside, a sunny day with a light breeze — I want it all. Mostly, I just want to say goodbye to winter and tell it never to come back again. (Of course, talk to me next Christmas when I'm sad there's no snow.) Here are 50 (yep, 50) things we can finally do once spring rolls around.


Countdown to spring: Seven awesome things about spring


Despite the light blanket of snow left on our lawns in Connecticut early this morning, spring is coming. It’s almost here. I can feel it! Yesterday, in my rush to get to my car after work, I didn’t put on a coat, and I didn’t immediately turn into an icicle. Progress.

We are so excited about spring that we’re literally counting down the days. Let it be known that in exactly one week — that’s seven days, counting today — it will be spring. And we will wear our spring clothes, even if that means we get frostbite.

To kick off our countdown to spring, let’s talk about the best parts of the season! Drumroll, please…

Warm weather

The one’s pretty obvious in that it’s probably the biggest selling point of the season. Spring means we’ve finally crawled out of that dark, depressing, hole that is winter. No more slogging through several feet of snow, yay! Warm weather means you can actually open your windows in your house and venture outside for more reasons than to just get the mail. Not having to step out of my house wearing 10 layers of clothes is also a plus.

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