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Goodbye, Breaking Bad

On Sunday, we all said farewell to what is widely referred to as the best show on TV, "Breaking Bad." Yes, it's been almost a week, but we're still not over it, especially given that many fans said "Breaking Bad" gave the perfect finale. Regardless of how you felt about it, "Breaking Bad" will likely be one of those shows, like "The Wire" or "Sopranos," that is talked about long after it's over. To ease your woes, check out the Jimmy Fallon clip at left parodying the show and know this: one, now we can marathon the entire series as frequently as we want; and two, AMC announced a spin-off show, Better Call Saul.


You know how everyone talks about how awful it is to be alone around the holidays?

Apparently that fear extends to celebrities, businesses, and even satirical political commentators, as they’ve all decided to join one union or another just in time to have someone (or thing?) to kiss under the mistletoe.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

The union of Taylor Swift and One Direction’s Harry Styles caused an explosion within the tween (and, let’s be honest, teen and adult) blogospheres as the couple was spotted – get this – holding hands. The newly-confirmed relationship provided answers to "who will be the subject of Taylor’s next song?" and "WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ONE DIRECTION RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT?" (caps lock necessary). It broke the hearts of many who wanted to date the superstars themselves, and even caused a few to balk at the age difference between Swift, who will be 23 next week, and Styles, who turned 18 in February. (Fun fact: Styles was born in 1994. Seriously.) Tonight, the two will team up for the Z100 Jingle Ball with Justin Bieber at Madison Square Garden – and there are miraculously still tickets left. All we can say to this is: OMG.