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Football teams

You may already have a favorite picked for the Super Bowl, perhaps because your team has made it in, or you love the coach, or you hate the opposing team.

If you’re anything like me — the kind of person who watches the Super Bowl but is pretty indifferent to what team wins — here are some silly ways to choose who to root for.

Jersey colors

The color of each team's jersey is important because for most of the game, all you're going to see is these colored blobs running back and forth. They might as well be pretty colored blobs. This year, the 49ers are in the game, and they have a red/gold combination. It’s fine, I guess, but the Ravens have PURPLE. If I were choosing this year’s team based on colors, Ravens would totally have my vote.


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Five best Super Bowl party foods (and recipes to cook them)

Sure, for some people, the Super Bowl is all about the playoffs beforehand, the anticipation leading up to the big game, the hype surrounding who will win, that moment when a player from the winning team is all like, "I’m going to Disney World!"

But for plenty of people it’s all about the food. Super Bowl parties arguably have the best snacks because there’s no pressure to cook a gourmet meal that’ll impress that aunt you never liked. Most game day parties are all about friends, drinking, and bar food. And who doesn't like that?

Here are my picks for top 5 Super Bowl party foods — and because I want to put my Pinterest obsession to good use, I’ll even include a recipe or two.

Chips and salsa

Chips and dip

Nachos, guacamole, salsa, hummus… I feel like there are so many options for chips and dip that you really can’t go wrong. It’s not like you even have to make the chips or the dip yourself; there’s nothing wrong with buying a bag or two of chips and some pre-made dip.

Chips are pretty much universally loved, and they’re great to munch on mindlessly while you’re deciding what you’re actually going to eat. Duh. For a healthier option, you can always sub the chips with a great vegetable platter.

Indulge with: Spicy Queso Dip

Guilt-free option: Individual Seven-Layer Dip; Guacamole


Crazy sports superstitions athletes follow

Sports superstitions

With game day just around the corner, we’ve been wondering what types of superstitions sports aficionados participate in. Our team talked briefly about it last week, and one of us admitted that we had to watch one game from the corner of our bed, because if we moved, our team would lose. (I won’t name names…)

My uncle has a particular pair of socks that he needs to wear whenever he wants his team, the Rams, to win, while my dad has to shut off the game if his team (Patriots) is losing so they can turn it around.

And even athletes themselves have superstitious traditions. Before each game, tennis player Serena Williams has to tie her shoes in a very specific way, then bounce the ball five times before her first serve, twice before her second. She also wears the same socks during a tournament run. Tiger Woods always wears red during his final rounds. Colorado Rockie Jason Giambi was known for wearing a golden thong when his game performance hit a slump.

Here are a few other quirky sports-related superstitions:


Lip-syncing, the Super Bowl, and Mad Men are on our minds this week.

Beyonce lip-synced?

The Inauguration happened, but you might not know it because everyone's been talking about Beyonce and how she may have lip-synced the National Anthem. I love Bey, and I don’t much care if she lip-synced, but apparently a lot of people do. Amid Beyonce-bashing, several articles rebutted the claim, while others said Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, AND the choir performed to a pre-recorded track, in addition to singing live. The reason I think people care so much is because if Beyonce lip-synced, she’ll have been the first person ever in the history of the world to have done so. Wait, that’s right, Yo-Yo Ma didn’t play live at the 2009 Inauguration; I don’t even need to mention Ashlee Simpson. Beyonce’s camp hasn’t responded publicly, and I think it’s because she’s too busy hanging out with her close personal friends, the Obamas, and swimming in her champagne-filled pool. (Probably.)


For seven of the last eight Super Bowls, the halftime show performances seemed as if they belonged in the 80's (the Black Eyed Peas in 2011 being the exception). This year, the NFL decided to try to bring halftime back to this decade with the announcement of pop diva Beyonce as this year's Super Bowl entertainment.

For the past two years, there have been surprise appearances by other musicians as part of the show. Last year, Madonna was joined by Cee Lo Green, Nicki Minaj, and LMFAO among others. In 2011, it was Usher and Slash joining the Black Eyed Peas. So, it begs the question: who will be joining Beyonce on stage this year? Here are some of my best guesses.

Destiny's Child Reunion

This would be a pretty big deal. Destiny's Child was one of the most successful music groups of all time, selling more than 60 million albums and winning multiple Grammy Awards, including one for their song "Say My Name" (video to the left). Since the group disbanded in 2006, Beyonce has rocketed to super stardom, while Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams have found only mild success. I think this one has a real possibility of happening, and where would they find a bigger stage?

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