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Animals were in the news kind of a lot this week, so I wanted to just roll with it with What People Are Talking About (animal edition!). It's appropriate considering this week dogs FINALLY got their own app! Where My Dogs At is a social networking app that lets dog owners connect and share things like dog friendly spots and photos of their pets. (For real.) This week, we're talking about a dog that survives a tornado, cats become the latest fashion accessory, and a surfing dog is so awesome he'll make you cry.

Dog survives tornado

In undoubtedly one of the most emotional reunions ever, a dog and its owner found one another in the aftermath of the horrific Oklahoma tornado. While giving an interview with CBS about the tornado's devastation, Barbara Garcia shared the story of how she and her dog were huddled inside their home, taking cover in their bathroom. The two were separated in the chaos and Barbara assumed her dog had been lost to the tornado. But just moments into the interview, her dog pops up, alive, in the rubble! Barbara, with the help of the CBS news crew, is able to free her dog, resulting in a totally amazing (and slightly tear-jerking) reunion.