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How to prepare for tailgating season

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The following is a guest article by Joe Pawlikowski.

Tailgating in October 2007. Photo by Karin Dalziel.
Photo by Karin Dalziel. Licensed CC BY 2.0.

Sure, football season is underway, and for many of us that means five months of having our Sundays spoken for. It's just us, the couch, some brews. But for others, the more diehard among us, football season is secondary. For that rugged crew it's tailgating season. It's an experience that simply cannot be beat. It's not just the party before the main event. It's a downright extension of the main event.

If you're planning to tailgate this football season, you'll want to come prepared. There's nothing worse than showing up with a rinky dink outfit and seeing all the true diehards around you living it up. If you plan to just bring a small portable grill, forget it. You need plenty more to set up for a real tailgate. So let's start from the beginning.

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