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If you have never heard the story of Dick and Rick Hoyt, be prepared, it is maybe the most inspirational, emotional and heartwarming story you will hear today and maybe for years to come. Dick and Rick are father and son, but more importantly best friends. Rick was born with severe brain defects and has never been able to walk or talk, but that hasn't stopped the father and son team from racing in more than 1,000 events together including marathons, decathlons and Iron Man competitions.

The pair have touched the lives of so many people with their story and yesterday, April 8, they received high praise when a statue of themselves was unveiled in Hopkinton, Massachusetts (which you can read about here and here). Watch the video below from a few years ago when you have a few minutes (13 to be exact), I watched it last night and let me warn you, make sure you have some tissues handy.


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