TV Series: Why Is This Still On?

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Why Is This Still On?

We've got TV on the brain lately, with new fall previews on the not-so-distant horizon! Yesterday we made some TV recommendations that everyone should tune into, but today we're reflecting on shows that should have met their maker a long time ago. Just end already!


TV Series: Why Haven't You Watched This?

Why Haven't You Watched This?

With Labor Day behind us and the temperature slowly dropping, it seems like fall is (finally) on its way. That means a new season of 2015-2016 Fall TV Previews are about to begin! You may have tuned into our Why Was This Canceled post about shows we didn't want to say goodbye to, but today we're thinking about all the series we currently love and need to share. Paneling our team of television experts once again, we wrangled up the best list of must-see television programs.


TV Series: Why Was This Cancelled?

Why Was This Cancelled

Fall is just around the corner, meaning the 2015-2016 Fall TV Previews are about to begin! All the famous (and infamous) networks will be bombarding our eyeballs with previews of the good, the bad, and the ugly this season. Sometimes we don't want the "new" stuff, though, we want our old faves back. This got us thinking, why did some of our favorite shows get cancelled? Paneling our team of television experts, we wrangled up the what's and why's of the shows of our past that we want back.


Please Note: Spoilers for the last three seasons of "The Walking Dead" ahead.

Are you ready for the next season of "The Walking Dead" to premiere tonight? I am. Give me back my zombie show! I need more Daryl, Glenn, and Maggie in my life. But as much as I love "The Walking Dead," I know it can oscillate between "OMG THIS IS THE GREATEST" (I am still gutted over the loss of Sophia) and "Wow, seriously? I'm angry that just sucked so much" (the unnecessary death of Andrea).

Last season was especially trying. There was an anti-climactic ending to the Woodbury storyline (some argue that the Governor not being dead adds intrigue, but I say he was totally unhinged and needed to go); my darling, Andrea, was killed off in the worst way possible (seriously, I have a lot of feelings about this, so please don't get me started); and now they've got a whole new group of people from Woodbury to take care of in the group.

So here are five wishes I have going into season four.


There are so many sitcoms I used to watch and love as a kid. They were wholesome! They were funny! They kept me out of my family's hair for at least a good 30 minutes! I may have loved them then, but that doesn't mean I'd still love them today. Here are four shows I was obsessed with as a kid, and now totally regret trying to re-watch as an adult.

Full House

"Full House" is the ultimate '90s sitcom offender. The cheesy intro, the live studio audience, the puns, and that music. You know the music I'm talking about. Something bad has happened and one of the girls needs to have a stern talking to, or they need to learn a life lesson — which, in turn, means we need to learn a life lesson. That soft music starts up and it's not long before you're learning why it's not okay to give in to peer pressure or why we should all just be ourselves. And then everything is perfectly resolved and they all live happily ever after.

As a kid, this format worked perfectly. You got a couple of laughs, and you also learned something (to its credit, "Full House" did tackle subjects like loss). It wasn't complex, it was wrapped up in 20 minutes, and it usually had a happy ending. As an adult, this format is cloying to the point where you're lucky if you make it past the first few minutes of an episode.

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