Battle of the top sellers: The Throne vs. Taylor Swift

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It's always fun to watch a new event start selling tickets, and seeing how quickly it can overtake the leader. That's been the case with The Throne, made up of Jay-Z and Kanye West. Of course, both artists are popular enough in their own right, but put them together and you apparently have a powerhouse. Taylor Swift, meanwhile, has maintained a position in the top two since December. She was the top-seller for January, February, April, and July, but faced a challenger in March from Bob Seger, in May from American Idols Live, and in June from Paul McCartney. Now the challenge is from The Throne.

It's a bit difficult to speculate this early on, but Swift may lose August, too. That said, she has a comfortable position right now, as even though The Throne is leading in revenue, Swift still has more ticket sales (approximately 34% more for the period August 1 to August 10, which is the period from which all the following data comes).