6 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Inspired By Television

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Halloween Costume

We tend write about television and movies quite a bit on this blog. So why not keep the theme going with some last-minute Halloween costumes from our favorite TV shows? These super-easy costumes come from shows like "Breaking Bad," "Scandal," and "The Walking Dead." Be sure to click the name of each character for a reference photo!

Walter White — "Breaking Bad"

  • Glasses
  • Porkpie hat
  • Goatee
  • Packet of blue rock candy
  • Blatant disregard for everyone around you

Please Note: Spoilers for the last three seasons of "The Walking Dead" ahead.

Are you ready for the next season of "The Walking Dead" to premiere tonight? I am. Give me back my zombie show! I need more Daryl, Glenn, and Maggie in my life. But as much as I love "The Walking Dead," I know it can oscillate between "OMG THIS IS THE GREATEST" (I am still gutted over the loss of Sophia) and "Wow, seriously? I'm angry that just sucked so much" (the unnecessary death of Andrea).

Last season was especially trying. There was an anti-climactic ending to the Woodbury storyline (some argue that the Governor not being dead adds intrigue, but I say he was totally unhinged and needed to go); my darling, Andrea, was killed off in the worst way possible (seriously, I have a lot of feelings about this, so please don't get me started); and now they've got a whole new group of people from Woodbury to take care of in the group.

So here are five wishes I have going into season four.


This week, we've been inspired by everyone who came together following the Boston Marathon tragedy, amused by a Pixar/AMC mash-up, and giggling uncontrollably at things that sounds like "bad words" on TV.

Bruins/Sabres National Anthem

The recent Boston bombings have been on everyone’s minds this week, with an overwhelming amount of support for Boston throughout the country. The hashtag #BostonStrong has been trending on Twitter, alongside tweets of support and well wishes, including the Boston Red Sox. At a Yankees v. Diamondbacks game earlier this week, the team paid tribute to their longtime rivals, Boston Red Sox, by playing “Sweet Caroline” — the song that’s become a staple of the Red Sox at Fenway Park. The first Boston home game (Boston Bruins played Buffalo Sabres at TD Garden) gave us what could arguably be one of the best National Anthem performances ever. Rene Rancourt, who was intended to sing the song, got through only a few lines before the entire crowd joined in. They sang the rest together.


The Walking Dead season 3 finale trailer

I'm still sobbing internally after last night's "The Walking Dead." I swear, watching that show is emotionally exhausting, but I can't get enough. Though I'm still not over many of the show's deaths, next week the show's third season wraps, and I'm so excited to possibly (?) have resolution with The Governor and his creepy eye patch. Check out the trailer, and remember: when fighting zombies, always aim for the head.