Attractions near Manhattan's Theatre District

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New York City attractions

Whenever I head to NYC, I usually have grandiose plans to do a bunch of things all over the city. Museums! Local eateries! Central Park! Horse and carriage ride! Guess what happens when I get there?

I do two or three things out of a list a mile long.

It’s not that I’m not ambitious, it’s just that sometimes I have a hard time grasping just how far one part of Manhattan is from another. It looks so tiny on the map, you know? And I somehow also forget I’ll be walking everywhere.

So if you’re making a trip to see a Broadway show, you’ll probably want to make sure your other adventures are in the general vicinity of the theater district, unless you’re like The Flash and you can get from point A to point B in milliseconds. (We already created a food, theater, and accommodations guide to keep you from planning lunch all the way across the city!)

Here are a few fun, interesting attractions nearby.

Discovery Times Square: Located on 44th Street (right across from the Shubert Theatre, where Matilda is currently playing), Discovery Times Square is an exhibit-based museum. Right now, they offer a spy exhibit, which features "the secret world of espionage," and a Harry Potter exhibit, which pays homage to the eight films from the series. Fun!

Broadway Guide

My first experience with a Broadway show was a little… unique. My mom, grandma, aunt, and I were all going to see The Little Mermaid, but not before making a weekend of it shopping and dining around NYC.

The problem? We hadn’t planned. At all.

We knew our hotel was sort of in the vicinity of where the show was taking place, but it ended there. We did, however, know exactly how to make it to Central Park to take a completely unnecessary, but nonetheless fun, horse and carriage ride.

So imagine our surprise when we left to see the show and we found out the distance to the theater was quite the haul (particularly for my grandma!). We just kept thinking, "Well, it can’t be that much further, right?"

We also didn’t eat beforehand, so when the show got out late, we were hungry. We schlepped to a nearby restaurant, where the wait just to get in was an hour because everyone had the same idea as us. We were ravenous when we finally got to eat. But at least the show was amazing!

Thankfully for you, it’s possible to avoid the pitfalls of not-giving-a-thought-to-how-your-weekend-will-go; we just launched a comprehensive guide to Broadway theaters to help with travel and planning. No, seriously, it basically does everything but the actual traveling for you. (And if we could do that for you, we probably would.)

We’d like to think it comes at a pretty decent time, too. Although February is relatively quiet in terms of new Broadway productions, in just a few short weeks, its season will really begin to take off with Lucky Guy, starring Tom Hanks, kicking off the month of March with previews. From there, 14 other shows (by my count) will also go into previews, with five Broadway productions officially opening: Cinderella, Ann, Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike (which is currently Off-Broadway and will be transferring), Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Hands on a Hardbody.

Have I mentioned this is all happening in March?

So now is the perfect time to snag tickets. But it might be a little helpful to peek at the Broadway guide beforehand, or even after purchasing tickets, to find out each theater’s location, a little about its history (so you can sound smart around your friends, duh), a link to nab directions, nearby restaurants and close places to stay.

Like any Disney production, The Little Mermaid was oh-my-gosh incredible; our complete lack of planning totally wasn’t.