September's Top 10 Events: Ringling Bros. Went for Three

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September's Top 10 Events

In the last Top 10 in mid-September, it seemed that the Ringling Bros. Circus was heading for a third month at the top. Well, I can now report that that has indeed happened! This makes Ringling the first event to top the list for three months in a row since this series was started.

Last month I noted that it was Ringling's affordable tickets that was keeping it at the top, but what does that mean exactly? Well, the success of any event is based on demand for the tickets plus pricing them at a level ticket buyers are willing to pay. In September, the overall average selling price for Ringling Bros. tickets listed on was $41. Between all the cities on the Ringling tour, average prices were mostly in the $30 range.


Although there is a lot of shifting after the top two positions, the top two spots in February pretty much stayed the same as January. Tickets for Monster Jam Trucks and the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey circus continued to sell at a very quick pace all throughout the month. As with last month, both shows, and Monster Jam in particular, far outstripped any other event.

Meanwhile, as was highly expected, Beyoncé announced a tour and almost immediately placed on the top-seller list. Also, Luke Bryan continued his ascent. Finally, Jason Aldean appeared back on the list for the first time since September (incidentally, while touring with Luke Bryan), Kenny Chesney and Fleetwood Mac are back after dropping off for a month, and Taylor Swift and Wicked are hanging in there.

* Rankings are as of 3/4/2013 11:00 a.m. EST. Top 10 list is ranked based by the number of tickets sold on

This month, the Top 10 story is a little different. Thanks to a high demand, affordable prices, and plenty of events to choose from, Monster Jam Trucks was able to lead by a very large amount over any other type of event for which we sell tickets at It has absolutely been dominating in ticket sales, far outstripping any other event, including the venerable Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. However, Monster Jam isn't the only event that we don't usually see in the Top 10 that's doing well. The Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus is back after last appearing in the first spot of the Top 10 in August, when the Top 10 was first expanded to include all events.

As for the other events, Bieber and Swift's appearances here are no surprise. Neither is Lady Gaga's; she started up with new tour dates on the fifth, so increased sales again are expected. The freshman in the group is Luke Bryan, who's been gaining quite a bit of demand over the last couple months. The full Top 10 is below.


While hundreds of artists and bands sold tickets, only a few dominated the landscape in 2012. However, it was a landscape that changed often, and sometimes very quickly. Meanwhile, some new acts, especially in the pop genre, burst onto the scene with enough force to at least partially overshadow other artists who had been wildly popular only a year earlier.

At, the best-selling concert artist of the year was one of those new bands, One Direction. We took a little time to explore some of the stats that made up their year. Click on the image below to see the full infographic.

One Direction infographic teaser


December's Top 10 Events: Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber

I'm completely unsurprised that Taylor Swift once again has a commanding lead in ticket sales on She's been on the top of our bi-weekly Top 5 on the rest of the site all month, and so long as Red continues to dominate the charts, people won't forget about the tour quickly. Swift has also done something that only one other act, Justin Bieber, has done: claim the top spot for two consecutive months. Not even One Direction, despite all its time on the list, achieved that (though it did top the list for two non-consecutive months).

Speaking of Bieber, guess who's back! Thanks to the addition of summer dates to his tour, Bieber was able to skyrocket back to the Top 2. We'll see if it can be sustained, but I'm not optimistic, given how he dropped off the list in November. Meanwhile, Kenny Chesney also returns to the list in a big way, due to ticket sales for his new tour, and Wicked, The Book of Mormon, Jeff Dunham, and One Direction are hanging in there.

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